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2002Proteomic approach in the screening of immunomodulatory activities in traditional Chinese medicineWang, Yuen-yuen
2004Proteomic approach to characterize differential protein expression in toxic and harmful algal bloom species (HABs)Chan, Lai Leo
2008Proteomic study of harmful algal blooming causative agents : nitrogen-induced growth and identification of dinoflagellatesLee, Wang-fat Fred
2021Proteomics in lens induced myopic (LIM) mammalian modelBian, Jingfang
2013Protoberberine derivatives as potent inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZSun, Ning
1996Protocol design for dynamic IP addressing systemAu-Yeung, Johnny Kai-leung
2008Protocol for evaluation of fan coil filter efficiencies in commercial buildingsFok, Kin-pong
2021Protograph-based low-density parity-check hadamard codesZhang, Pengwei
2005A proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) model for use in power electronicsLee, Ho-chun Jerome
2019Prototype creation of woven fabrics and garments with knit surface texturesGong, Lin
1994A prototype decision support system for assessing the claims for promotion of clerical officers in the HK civil serviceHuen, Herman Siu-moon
1992A prototype decision support system for public sector financial managementLo, Clement Kai-Ming
1998A prototype design using genetic algorithm to develop a communications cable routing system for complexes adopting intelligent building conceptLau, Tak-wah
1996Prototype expert system for credit evaluation in a medium size trading firmYuen, Tin-on
1996A prototype expert system for proposing radiological examination for traumatic patientsLi, Kam-wah Kenneth
1996A prototype expert system for selection of sales and marketing personnelYuen, Kit-ling Loretta
2000A prototype expert system for the Daya Bay contingency plan in Hong KongWan, Fuk-tai Rebecca
2000A prototype expert system in supporting selection of applicants in recruitment exerciseChan, Fuk-tong Tom
1998A prototype for recovering dynamic semantics from relational schemaCheng, Yee-wan
1998A prototype of an expert system for the assessment of the liability under salaries tax of the inland revenue ordinanceChan, Lee-man Raymond