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2007Personality compatibility and individual performance : a field study of a MNC in greater ChinaYeung, Kam-tai Kenny
2017Personalized 3D human body modelling and real-time motion tracking based on kinect v2Zeng, Cong
2020Personalized deep reinforcement learning based recommendationsLei, Yu
1998A personalized WWW agentLai, Andy Chun-fai
2015Perspectives on Hong Kong students' attitudes to English accentsChui, Sze Ming Trace
2015Perspectives on the introductory phase of empirical research articles : a study of rhetorical structure and citation useLin, Ling
2014Persuasion driven influence propagation in social networksLeung, Yee Hoi
2015Persuasion-driven social influence analysis in social networksYi, Xiaoqian
2012Pervasive computing for autism screening in HKAu, Wai Kwong Berthold
2012Pervasive computing for people with motor impairmentsFan, Yuhua
2003PHA production by bacteria isolated from seawater/marine sediment, using industrial food waste as substrateYeung, Ka-lam
2003Pharmaceutical droplets formation and diagnostics techniques developmentWang, Yuan
2008Pharmaceutical studies on ligustilideWang, Chengyuan
2019Pharmacological characterizations of novel anti-dementia NMDA receptor antagonist memantine nitrates via multiple targetsMak, Shing Hung
2015Pharmacological inhibition of glioblastoma cell proliferation, migration and invasionZhao, Huafu
2007Pharmacological studies on Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (Da Huang) and its active component, EmodinLi, Wing-yan
2014Phase stability study of high entropy alloys (HEAs)Ng, Chun
2023Phase stability, transformations, and mechanical properties of FCC-based medium/high-entropy alloysFang, Jieyichen
2020Phase-field modeling of localized corrosion kinetics in metallic materialsAnsari, Talha Qasim
2021Phase-field modeling of the evolution kinetics of porous metals during dealloyingLi, Jie