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2005Parental involvement in school : a case study of teachers' perceptions and practices in a Hong Kong secondary schoolLam, Wai-sze Teresa.
2006Parental participation in the care of hospitalized child : the perceptions of the nurses in Hong KongNg, Wai-hing
2012Parents "make a difference" : parental beliefs, family processes, achievement motivation and psychological competence of adolescents experiencing economic disadvantage in Hong KongLeung, Tsin Yee Janet
2009Parents of children with severe intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong : relationship among their perceived stress, coping strategies and subjective quality of lifeLin, Lai-ying Anny
2009Parents' experiences on residential placement of adult children with severe intellectual disabilityLam, Sze-nga
2000Parents' self-concept of school-age children with severe mental handicap in Hong KongCheng, Wing-yeung Andrew
2014Parents', students' and teachers' views on private supplementary tutoringChan, Chung Ho Windy
2004Parkinson's disease (PD) and young-onset Parkinson's disease (YOPD) : an investigation into genetic and environmental factorsLam, Wai-man
2010Partial transmit sequence based reduction of OFDM peak-to-average power ratio using simulated annealingZheng, Yijie
2022Participation in care : Investigating foreign domestic workers’ involvement in healthcare decision-making and perceptions of control in a Hong Kong clinical contextWang, Xixi
2004The participation of foreign enterprises in China's freight forwarding and logistics businessNg, Wai-pang
2023Participation of fragile collectives in community-based tourism development in UgandaKesande, Provia
2021Partition of unity finite element method and acoustic black hole effects : structural modelling and vibration suppressionZhou, Tong
1999Partnering relationships and retailer performance in ChinaFok, Chun-chu Cecilia
1994Passenger car equivalents for vehicles under Hong Kong traffic conditionsLeung, Yuen-sing
2017Passive ankle-foot joint stiffness and physical performanceMan, Hok Sum
2020Passive observation of outdoor area: public area usage and thermal comfortJi, Bonan
2007Past, present and future of enterprise resources planning development : is knowledge management a future trend?Lui, Siu-wai Willie
2008Paternalistic leadership styles and follower performance : examining mediating variables in a multi-level modelChan, Chi-hong Simon
2023Pathological biomarker detection via SERS based sensing platformHo, Kwun Hei Willis