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2017Physics-based design and optimization of domestic air purifier fan aeroacousticsWong, Yin Wai
2024Physics-informed machine learning for the monitoring of engineering structuresChen, Qianyi
2006The physiochemical properties and biocompatibility of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoatesCheng, Yin-chung
2000Physiotherapy undergraduate students' perception of the clinical learning environmentChau, Koon-wing Danny
2000Physique of Hong Kong-Chinese discipline personnel : application of kinanthropometry to uniform sizing systemTsang Ng, Ching-yee Brenda
2006Phytoremediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils using high biomass plantsLuo, Chun-ling
2004PICC 保險營銷策略研究謝偉雄; Che, Wai-hong
2014Pictorial scaffolding : building functional constituency know-how within Hong Kong primary schoolsFrancis, James Randall
2016The PID based algorithm for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTPZhao, Hong Wei
2019A piecewise computational scheme for the vibro-acoustic modeling in mid-to-high frequency rangeHu, Zhongyu
2022Piezo-catalysis and pyro-catalysis for hydrogen production and pollutant treatmentYou, Huilin
2021Piezo-phototronic effect in 2D III-VI compound based heterostructures for optoelectronic device applicationsZhao, Yuqian
2001Piezoelectric actuators for ultrasonic wire bonding applicationsTang, Kwan-wai
2002Piezoelectric ceramic fibre/polymer 1-3 composites for transducer applicationsLi, Kun
2003Piezoelectric coefficients of ceramic thin filmsTsang, Chin-wah Rodney
2003Piezoelectric pressure sensors for microelectronic packagingChoy, Siu-hong
1999Piezoelectric properties of III-V nitridesLueng, Chiu-ming
2007Piezoelectric transducers for nebulizer applicationXu, Wencheng
2005A pilot evaluation of a guided protocol for management of behaviour and psychological problem of dementia (BPSD) in care facilities in communityKwok, Man-yuk Cordelia
2016A pilot randomized controlled trial of nanocrystalline silver dressing against manuka honey dressing and conventional dressing in healing diabetic foot ulcerTsang, Ka Kit