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2023Plasma RNA profiling in patients with colorectal cancer using NanoString-based platformTsang, Hin Fung
2016Plasma-based regenerable antimicrobial finishing for cellulosic textile materialsZhou, Change
2016Plasmon-enhanced upconversion emissions from lanthanide-doped nanocrystals hybridized with metal nanoparticlesHe, Jijun
2020Plasmonic nanohole array with strong mode coupling for hot carrier generationWong, Yat Lam
2008The plasticity effects of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) for stroke rehabilitation through Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) studyWong, Kai-yuen
2012Plasticity enhancement of bulk metallic glasses by metal electroplatingChen, Wen
2019Plasticity improvement of metallic glasses by introducing structural heterogeneities : an atomistic studyZhao, Lei
1994Playmates Toys (HK) Limited competitive strategy in the 1990sWong, Ching-shan Jeffrey
2019Pleasure travel of Western expatriates : a study of Western expatriates living in MacaoLi, Zhuo Catherine
2016Plug-in electric vehicle charging control for wind power integration enhancementLuo, Xiao
2017A PMV based controller for a direct expansion air conditioning systemNiu, Jiajia
2004Point- and line-based transformation models for high resolution satellite image rectificationAbd-Elrahman, Ahmed Mohamed Shaker
2009Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber based sensors and fiber Bragg gratings sensor systemFu, Hongyan
1998'Police inspectors' union commitment : a Hong Kong case'Lee, Kwok-chung Jerry
2016Policy and design for waste recycling in Hong Kong communitiesLo, Chi Hang
2022A policy framework for age-friendly community refurbishment in China : community environment and active ageingHan, Jianbo
2013A policy framework for sustainable electricity market developmentWu, Yang
2013The policy network of foster care in Guangzhou, China : structure, interaction, and governanceLu, Wei
2003Policy-related risk pattern in property development in China mainlandTsui, Yik
2003Poling of ferroelectric 0-3 compositesOr, Yuk-tin