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2011Vision-based hand gesture recognitionZhang, Yang
2014Vision-based sign language recognitionBao, Hanqing
2002Visual functions before and after LASIKChan, Wing-wo Jay
2018Visual learning of pairwise similarity and relative order relationshipsWang, Faqiang
2009Visualization and classification of the heart sounds of patients with pulmonary hypertensionChen, Jinghan
2019Visualizing time series data with temporal matching based t-distributed stochastic neighbor embeddingWong, Kwan Yeung
2019Vital signs monitoring based on Few-mode fiber sensorsHuang, Zhenyu
2016Vitamin D accumulation in king oyster mushroom stimulated by UV radiationZhang, Hailong
2016Vitamin D status in young adults in Hong Kong : a biomarker approach to a public health concernWang, Weilan Erica
2008Vocational needs of young adults with hearing impairmentChui, Shin-han Judy
2012Voice activity detection for nist speaker recognition evaluationsYu, Hon-bill
2005Voice of discontent : youth and politics of music in post-1997 Hong KongChan, Kar-chung
2000The voice of siblings : the emotion, behavior and personality of school-aged children who have a sibling with severe mental handicapCheng, Luk-kam
2001Voice over IP for a corporate networkCheung, Cheuk-man
2017Volatility forecasting with fuzzy methodsWei, Zikai
2015Voltage and reactive power control considering smart metering technologies on distribution networksTang, Yu
2000Voltage control using a combined linear programming and rule-based approachWu, Ming-fai
2008Voltage stability analysis based on probability theoryZhang, Jianfen
2002Voluntary disclosure of segment information : a study on Hong Kong diversified companiesSo, Charles
2006Vortex sound generation in the presence of porous materials with an application to dissipative silencers and lined ductsLau, Chi-kin