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1998Vendor evaluation and certification system : a re-engineering perspectiveChan, Sau-fong
1996Vendor evaluation and certification system setup of a buying officeChui, Shuk Ming
2004A vendor managed inventory system for effective inventory control in a plastics molding companyKwong, Chun-man
2010Ventilation control and ventilation performance of multi-zone air conditioning systemsSun, Zhongwei
2007Ventilation design for high-rise residential buildings : building regulation and required innovationLau, Pak-kai
2019Venture capital firm network and initial public offering characteristicsXu, Jun
2002Verbal communication of nurses in response to patients' and relatives' queriesChan, Wai-man
1996Verification and validation of a life underwriting knowledge-baseLee Seng-whye
1999The vernacularization of standard Baihuawen during the period of 1917-1955Cheng, Lai-ming
2018Versatile energy harvesting and self-powered sensors based on the integration of triboelectric nanogenerators and functional polymersXu, Wei
2019Vertical graphene tunnelling heterostructures with ultrathin ferroelectric film as a tunnel barrierChan, Hung Lit
2000Very low bit rate video coding techniquesTao, Hay-pui
2006Vibration and damage monitoring in advanced composites using multiplexed fibre bragg grating (FBG) sensorsLing, Hang-yin
2011Vibration and dynamic response monitoring of a tall building using wireless sensorsZhou, Xiaodong
2017Vibration attenuation for high-speed trains using magnetorheological (MR) dampersYe, Shuqin
2013Vibration based system identification of cable stayed bridgeJing, Yin Song
2004Vibration control of stay cables using semi-active magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, Yuanfeng
1998Vibration control of structures with viscoelastic dampersTan, Xiaoming
2017Vibration control utilizing 'acoustic black hole' effectZhou, Tong
2011Vibration isolation under an elastic foundationLee, Tsz-yuen