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2005Acoustical canyon effect in built environmentsLee, Heung-wing
2005Air cleaning concrete paving blocks made from recycled construction and demolition wasteCheung, Esther
2005All-optical shutter and polarizer using Fabry Perot laser diodeMoses, Beulah
2005Analysis and control of computer cooling fan noiseWong, Kam
2005Analysis and motion estimation strategies for frame and video object codingHui, Ko-cheung
2005Analysis of cooperative relationships in partnering projects in the construction industry of Hong KongHon, Ka-hung
2005An analysis of information technology publications in leading hospitality and tourism journalsLeung, Ching-man Rosanna
2005An analysis of logistics planning important for retail industry : a case of beverage company in Hong KongChan, Suet-ying Zoe
2005Analysis of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, King-yuen
2005Analysis on the fire safety aspects for tunnels in Hong Kong with mathematical modelsLi, Shuk-man Jojo
2005The application of air purification system in an air-conditioned spaceKwan, Ho-sum Chris
2005Application of an agent-based negotiation framework in the internal supply chain of a manufacturing companyPow, Tat-yeung
2005Applications of data warehouse and data mining in telecommunication companyChan, Wing-wai Eric
2005Applying service-profit chain : an empirical investigation in the logistics industryChoi, Shu-kit Joe
2005An approach to seafloor classification using fuzzy neural networks combined with a genetic algorithmZhou, Xinghua
2005Are traditional festivals tourism attractions? : a case study in Hong KongWan, Sze-mei
2005Assessing the service quality and future development of Cantonese Dim Sum restaurants in Hong KongAu, Chun-hung Danny
2005The augmented Lagrangian methods and applicationsZhou, Yuying
2005Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, Eric Kwabena
2005Available transfer capability evaluation study in system operation under electricity market and its enhancement by facts devicesCheng, Yun