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20093D numerical analysis of a pile under vertical and lateral loadingXiao, Haibei
2009Accuracy analysis of airborne LiDAR dataMan, Guanghua
2009Acoustic resonators for noise control in enclosures : modelling, design and optimizationYu, Ganghua
2009The adjunct effects of electroacupuncture on hemiplegic shoulderCheuk, Wai-man
2009Air plasma treatment of PDMS : surface physical properties and substrate for cell adhesionGe, Qiongying
2009All-oxide giant-magnetoresistive devicesChan, Yuk-kwan
2009An alternative DGPS algorithm for GPS mobile phoneWang, Ning
2009Analysis and processing of nonlinear time series : from speech to neurophysiological signalsSun, Junfeng
2009Analysis of BRAF V600E mutation in thyroid aspirates for establishing a pre-operative diagnosis of thyroid tumoursLaw, Ying
2009Analysis of displacement and response measurements of hihg-rise structures using global-positioning system (GPS) technologyNg, Ka-yan
2009Analysis of the global textile and clothing trade : an empirical approachChan, Man-hin Eve
2009Ankle joint mobility and plantar pressure distribution of patients with diabetic neuropathyShum, Wai-hung Anthony
2009Application of DEA to the efficiency evaluation of major container terminals in ChinaLin, Yu
2009Application of directional block for brainstem in tomotherapy treatment planning of nasopharyngeal carcinomaMui, Wing-lun
2009An application of the unfolding model of voluntary turnover in ChinaTsang, Yuk-kwan Alfred
2009Application of wavelet packet transformation for motor current signature analysisLau, Chi-chuen Enzo
2009An approach to multiple DNA sequences compressionWu, Choi-ping Paula
2009Assessment of articular cartilage using optical coherence tomography and high frequency ultrasoundWang, Shuzhe
2009Assessment of emissions of total volatile organic compounds from perfume based on chamber testHe, Chunqian
2009Assessment of lung diseases in-vivo using acoustic transmissionChan, King-chung Kenny