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2010An accurate and robust indoor localization systemChan, Chun-lun Eddie
2010Acquisition of domain concepts and ontology constructionCui, Gaoying
2010Adaptive integer kernels and dyadic approximation error analysis for state-of-the-art video codecsWang, Qiuwei
2010Adoption of JDF in printing industryWong, Chi-wai
2010Air tightness measurement and numerical simulation in the micro environment in Han Yang Mausoleum MuseumCao, Nanying
2010Airfreight cargo planningShum, Chun-chi
2010The analgesic effect of wrist-ankle acupuncture in patients with fractured ribs : a randomized controlled studyIp, Yuen-wa
2010Analysis of residual stresses of layered nanostructured metallic plateFu, Jia
2010Analysis of the impact of demographic, economic, and cultural changes on senior housing market in Hong KongWong, Hon-cheung
2010Analysis on current challenges and trend of classification societiesTang, Yingyan
2010Analytical modeling of self-stressed steel fiber reinforced concrete encased steel penstock subjected to internal water pressureZhang, Zhicheng
2010Anodic titanium dioxide layers : synthesis, properties and applicationsHuang, Chuanjun
2010The antecedents and consequences of socializees' adjustment during their organizational assimilation : an integrative studySong, Zibin
2010Application of GPS for monitoring long-span cable-supported bridges under high windsChan, Wai-shan
2010Applied photogrammetry for 3D modeling, quantity surveying, and augmented reality in constructionDai, Fei
2010Applying collaboration technology to project managementLu, Kangjun
2010Artificial neural network based economic load dispatch optimization methodologiesWang, Jiashu
2010An attempt to predict noise barrier performance using computational aeroacoustic methodLi, Xiaojuan
2010Automated multi-level spatial database for GIS applicationTong, Man-kong
2010B-site cation mixed multiferroic perovskite materialsSuen, Wai-ping