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20173D pattern for knitted objectsCheung, Chun Ting
2017Acoustic black hole effect for vibration controlTang, Liling
2017Adaptive data management for cloud-based wireless mesh networksYang, Shengtao
2017Adaptive kalman filter for GNSS/INS integration based on PIXHAWK for UAV applicationsZhang, Guohao
2017Advanced control strategies for renewable energy integration for system supportLi, Yujun
2017Advanced modelling and control for demand side management implementation in smart gridMai, Weijie
2017Advances in stochastic volatility modelingWang, Qingzheng
2017Advertising in emerging market : relationships among advertising, values and lifestyles of the new urban middle class in post-reform ChinaLi, Wenhua
2017Aero-acoustic-structural interactions and noise control in the fan-ducted systemChiang, Yan Kei
2017Aerodynamics of VTOL UAVXu, Penghui
2017Age invariant face recognitionZeng, Yuhui
2017The American dream meets the Chinese dream : a corpus-driven analysisHou, Zhide
2017Analysis and design of an X-shaped structure based vibration energy harvesting systemZhou, Junjie
2017Analysis of cascading failure in power systems from a complex network perspectiveZhang, Xi
2017Analysis of dynamic interaction and coupling in a high-speed train based on on-board monitoring dataTong, Andi
2017Analysis of linear induction motor (LIM) application in railway vehiclesZhang, Yuyang
2017An analysis of post-adoption usage of personal learning systemsTsui, Lai Na Miriam
2017Analysis of the influencing factors of real estate market in the Pearl River Delta region in ChinaWang, Yachen
2017Analysis of visibility issues of points cloud data based on observation locationTian, Tianyang
2017Analytical derivation of lower bounds of the estimation error of statistically unbiased estimation of electromagnetic/acoustic wireless signal parametersKitavi, Dominic Makaa