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20233D vehicle positioning with smartphone-based hybrid techniques in urban areasWang, Jingxian
2023Acceleration of ultrasonic wave propagation modelling using spectral elements and multi-processing unit-based parallel computingLi, Feilong
2023Acculturation and food tourism in VietnamNguyen, Cong Minh
2023Achieving even frosting on the outdoor coil along the airflow direction in a space heating air source heat pump for improved energy efficiency and occupant thermal comfortBai, Xiaoxia
2023Achieving sustainable development goals in Pakistan : focusing on energy sustainability in multi-sectoral approachMehmood, Aamir
2023Adaptors do more than indicate emotional distress : can they be discourse markers?Li, Guangyan
2023Additives for building highly efficient lead-halide perovskite solar cellsCheng, Haiyang
2023Advanced iron-based anode materials for high performance rechargeable batteriesZhou, Zeqi
2023Advanced oxidation of pharmaceuticals with peroxymonosulfate (PMS) activated by novel spinel-type oxides supported on porous clay mineralsYang, Xue
2023Advancements in public-key cryptography : crafting novel constructions to address emerging demandsGong, Borui
2023Advancing nanocomposite membranes for water treatment : mechanistic understanding of nanofiller incorporation and development of aerosol-assisted nanoengineering approachesWan, Zhishang
2023Aggregation behavior of nanomaterials in water : roles of material intrinsic property and engineered DNA surface coatingPeng, Bo
2023AI-based models for detecting and quantifying surface defects of concrete bridge decksXiong, Chenqin
2023Airline competition : empirical insights for European and international marketsZhang, Hanxiang
2023Alternative to development: an ethnographic study on a social experiment in rural ChinaLan, Xi
2023Amelioration of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by targeting GPR110 in a diet-induced obese mouse modelWu, Mengyao
2023Analysis and control of grid-forming converters for improving the utilization of renewable energy and the adaptability to grids and loadsLiu, Yonghui
2023Antibiotics resistance and regulatory mechanism of virulence expression in salmonellaChan, Kwan Wai
2023Application of neural networks and image processing techniques in distributed optical fiber sensor systemsWang, Biwei
2023Applications of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator for flow controlChen, Zongnan