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1999Abnormal trading volume reactions surrounding public earnings announcement dates in Hong Kong stock market where substantial/family shareholding is high : implications for policy makersFung, Kin
1999Adaptive digital distance protective relayingWong, Wai-kau
1999Advanced time-frequency analysis for speech processingHo, Sai-keung
1999Advances in functional imaging with emission computer tomographyLau, Chi-hoi
1999The aftermath of downsizing : a study of survivor syndrome for a shipping companyChan, Kit-ching
1999Aids-related knowledge & attitudes of diagnostic radiographers in Hong KongCheng, Wai-kwong
1999Algorithms and processor structures for motion picture compressionHui, Wai-lam
1999An analysis of critical elements affecting project management in Hongkong TelecomWong, Hoi-sang
1999Analysis of financing system to urban residential housing market in the PRC : case study in GuangzhouShing, Tin-yau Gordon
1999Analysis of nailed slopes using limit equilibrium and finite difference methodsLam, Wing-yin
1999Analysis of power system de-regulation : possible application in Hong Kong and its problemsChan, Tat-ki
1999An analysis of the FEA model in designing children's casual wear in local situationChan, Man-ling Maria
1999Antioxidant potential of selected dietary and medicinal agents; implications for improving in vivo antioxidant statusSzeto, Yim-tong Savio
1999The applicability of jit to improve operational performance : a simulation approachCheng, Siu-mui
1999Application of digital technique in domestic protection systemCheng, Ching-chun
1999Application of dynamic channel allocation strategies to GSM hierarchical cellular networkLee, Chi-ho
1999Application of geographical information systems to regional road-networks planning in Hong KongThong, Chung-mao
1999Application of laser processing for tools of the semiconductor industryTse, Ki-kwai Godwin
1999Apply object-oriented techniques in helping the Housing Authority assess building contractors' performance in public housingChan, Hai-yat
1999Applying information theory to image segmentationTo, Siu-wah