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2007Assessing service quality gaps between customers' expectations and their perceptions of hotel's performance in Hong Kong hotel industryChen, Zexi Jersey
2007An assessment of reproductive development of the male Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops aduncus, in captivityYuen, Wing-han Queeny
2007Attention-driven image interpretation, annotation and retrievalFu, Hong
2007Attitudes towards sexuality of women with mild intellectual disability in Hong KongLee, Hoi-man Joanna
2007Batch scheduling problemsLiu, Lili
2007Binocular vision enhanced mobile robot navigationKan, Ching-shau Bernard
2007Block-based motion estimation algorithms for video coding applicationsKam, Yan-ho
2007Brain activation in the auditory processing of Cantonese rhymes in native Cantonese speakers using functional magnetic resonance imaging : an event related studyLee, Wing-kit
2007Breast sizing and development of 3D seamless braZheng, Rong
2007CAD technology for clothing biomechanical engineering designWang, Ruomei
2007Can acu-TENS improve quality of sleep?Fong, Ka-chun.
2007A case study of performance evaluation : the estate management function of the Housing DepartmentChan, Kwok-on
2007CBT 公司發展戰略研究任革凡; Ren, Gefan
2007Change in work performance over time of persons with mental illness attending vocational rehabilitation programChan, Fung-cheung
2007Changes of pain threshold by auricular laser therapy with different energy densitiesLee, Ho-wai
2007Characterisation and application of nano-scale fibre particlesCheng, Yin-fa
2007The characteristics and source identification of airborne particles at the roadside of Hong Kong-PolyU (PU) supersiteCheng, Yan
2007Characterization and speciation of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) and their implications on the atmosphere of South ChinaTang, Jianhui
2007Characterization of cooking fumes in Hong KongChen, Yi
2007Characterizing urban noise sources using beamforming technologyTam, Kai-chung