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2009Atmospheric transport and deposition of trace metals in remote reservoirs of the South China coastal regionJiang, Xunyi
2009Attention-driven image pre-classification and retrievalTang, Yu
2009Attitudes of healthcare staff and patients' family members towards family presence during resuscitation in adult critical care unitsLeung, Nga-yee
2009Attributes and impacts of film tourism development : perceptions of visitors and local residentsLam, Chi-chiu Samuel
2009Authentication in wireless mesh networkZhang, Yixiu
2009Backward walking in people with Parkinson's diseaseLam, Ngo-sheung
2009Balance function of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Shum, Bo-man Selina
2009Barium Strontium Titanate ferroelectric tunable photonic and phononic crystalsJim, Kwok-lung
2009The biomechanical property of the foot-ankle complex and the balance performance for people with diabetes mellitusChau, Mei-wa Rosanna
2009A boundary accuracy assessment on 10 building lots under Chinese Temple CommitteeFu, Zhongjiao
2009CAMPUS : a middleware for automated context-aware adaptation decisions at run-timeWei, Jingyuan
2009Capacitance effect on spin-torque oscillators with thermal fluctuationGuan, Bo
2009Capturing design rationale within a CAD environmentChan, Chiu-cheung
2009Carbon emissions of new buildingYiu, Chi-wai
2009A case study on the development of biogas generation technology from waste water in the urban areaWu, Tongxue
2009Celebrity endorsement effectiveness for print destination advertisingVeen, Robert van der
2009CFD simulation of displacement ventilation to reduce space cooling loadLee, Wai-yee
2009Characterization of fabric appearance based on image analysisXin, Binjie
2009The characterization of retinal electrical signals of the in-vitro and in-vivo porcine eye : a novel large mammalian eye modelNg, Yiu-fai
2009Characterization of the anti-cancer effects of Gleditsia sinensis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaPak, Kai-chiu