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2010Clinical decision support model in rectal contrast CT for preventing bowel perforation and optimizing the image quality for diagnosing colorectal carcinomaLiu, Pui-sang Diana
2010Clinicopathological characteristics of basal-like subtype invasive ductal carcinoma identified with immunohistochemical expression of ER, PR, HER2, CK5/6 and EGFRYung, Kwai-ying
2010Collaborative programming : pair vs. pair-soloBarnes, Kyle Atikus
2010Collude or compete : choice of P&I Clubs and role of marine mutual insurance cartelMin, Jie
2010Colour retinal image segmentation for computer-aided fundus diagnosisLi, Qin
2010Combination of mediation with arbitration : Chinese mainland and Hong Kong perspectivesTian, Jun
2010The "community question" in the state-led urbanization process of post-reform China: a case study of ShanghaiXu, Ying
2010A comparison between hand contamination rates and the levels of environmental contamination when using different methods of removing gloves in two different distancesLai, Yuen-fun Joanna
2010Comparison between the velocities of micro-particles inside PDMS & PEG chipsLeung, Wing-hang Rick
2010Comparison of merchant-rankine approach against second-order plastic analysis for steel framesWang, Hongbo
2010Comparison of prevalence of quaternary ammonium compounds resistant genes G,H,J between general public and nurses in Hong KongYe, Huifen
2010Comparison of the effectiveness of traditional and modified ovitraps for detecting Aedes albopictus oviposition in Hong KongSo, Pak-wing
2010Comparison of the incidence of chromosome 4q deletion between Chinese multiple myeloma patients and Caucasian multiple myeloma patients by using interphase flurorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)Lam, Lai-ying
2010A comparison of using aortic cross-sectional area and maximum diameter in computed tomographic assessment of the growth of abdominal aortic aneurysmWong, Man-bong
2010A comparison on effect of music on relaxation amongst people with and without music trainingTung, Ling-ngai
2010Competitiveness for real estate developers : a China studyZhang, Xiaoling
2010Comprehensive assessment and pulsed electromagnetic therapy for diabetic peripheral neuropathyCheng, Kam-kwan
2010The concept of safe indoor air quality for the management of indoor environment in immune buildingsLaw, Kai-chuen
2010Conceptual embroidery for fashion in a Chinese contextZhang, Yingchun
2010A concurrency integrity model for distributed product data managementChan, Edmond Cheuk-kit