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2021Approximate processing and algorithms in SQL basic queryYan, Haozhe
2021Artificial intelligence-based anomaly detection for the efficient management and security of the future cellular networksHussain, Bilal
2021Assessment of localized fire behaviors in large open-plan compartmentsZhang, Ming
2021Automatic numerical modelling of electric machines and its applicationsChen, Yilin
2021Ballistocardiogram measurements using optical fiber sensor based on Mach-Zehnder interferometersSun, Xueqi
2021A Bayesian comparison in Stan and NIMBLE by trimmed mean regressionZhang, Lulu
2021Bidding strategy of distributed energy resources participating in electricity market as price-makersGao, Xiang
2021Bio-inspired methods for sensorimotor mapping in robotic systemsZahra, Omar Ibn Elkhatab Abdallah A. E.
2021Biochemical and functional investigation of TbRAP1 and its role in T. brucei variant surface glycoprotein regulationYang, Xian
2021Biologically inspired models and controls for hybrid soft-rigid robotsWu, Zeyu
2021Biomechanical study of gait coordination of transfemoral amputeesXu, Zhi
2021Bismuth telluride / PEDOT:PSS composites for flexible thermoelectric generatorsLin, Shuping
2021Bone and muscle properties in individuals with chronic strokeMiller, Tiev B
2021Calculus of Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz exponents and its applications in the analysis of first-order methodsYu, Peiran
2021The calibration of high-speed ludwieg tube wind tunnel and experimental investigation of high-speed boundary layer transition on a flat plateChen, Siyu
2021Capturing Chinese middle class in the context of luxury consumption : a comparison between personal luxury goods and luxury hotel servicesYoelao, Woraprat
2021Carbon materials for advanced potassium-based batteries : mechanism exploration and performance optimizationTan, Hong
2021A case study of maintenance performance of a large bank building in Hong KongTong, Man Him
2021A case study of the maintenance order on elevators of a residential estate in Hong KongLeung, Chin Ho
2021CCTV-based deterioration patterns of sewer pipelinesSalihu, Comfort