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2022Analysis on the transformation strategy of village-in-city in Guangzhou dominated by ancestral halls —taking Shipai village as an exampleLi, Chendi
2022Analytical range query accelerationLi, Zhe
2022Anion hosting graphitic carbon cathodes for dual ion batteryLyu, Linlong
2022Anti-inflammatory activities of exopolysaccharides from a medicinal fungus cordyceps sinensis Cs-HK1 and enhanced by bifidobacterial fermentationLi, Longqing
2022Apparel for wheelchair-bound user in Hong Kong : empirical study of business modelFeng, Qilong
2022Application of biochar in sustainable cement-based compositesChen, Liang
2022Application of machine learning in air-ticket pricing in ChinaChu, Qin
2022Application of momentum potential theory in the study of hypersonic boundary layer instabilitiesLong, Tiehan
2022Application of virtual reality for peritoneal dialysis exchange learning in patients with end-stage renal disease and cognitive impairmentLee, Mi Suen Connie
2022Applications and implications of real estate tokenization – a Hong Kong studyWong, Man Wa
2022Are your health and safety signals enough to attract the guests back to your hotel? A study on the impact of health and safety signals source and communication format on consumers’ risk perception and booking intention in the “new normal”Hung, Oi Ki
2022Assembly-enhanced differentiation of isomers by ion mobility mass spectrometryHan, Dongqi
2022Assessment of human thermal comfort during short-term exposure in hot and humid urban outdoor areasHuang, Taiyang
2022Assessment of thermal energy storage system with PCME as both heat transfer fluid and storage mediumMok, Ching Wah
2022Assessment on fire behaviors in large open-plan compartmentsLau, Cheuk Fung
2022Association and functional studies for genetic variants of refractive errors and myopiaKwarteng, Regina
2022Association tests with incomplete covariates and high-dimensional auxiliary variablesFeng, Jiahui
2022Attitudinal meaning and gender stereotypes in Lululemon’s online advertising : a corpus-based analysisZheng, Youchuan
2022Automation of ultrasound assessment of scoliosis with robotic scanningVictorova, Maria
2022Autonomous ship scheduling optimizationYang, Xiao