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2022Apparel for wheelchair-bound user in Hong Kong : empirical study of business modelFeng, Qilong
2022Application of biochar in sustainable cement-based compositesChen, Liang
2022Application of machine learning in air-ticket pricing in ChinaChu, Qin
2022Application of momentum potential theory in the study of hypersonic boundary layer instabilitiesLong, Tiehan
2022Assembly-enhanced differentiation of isomers by ion mobility mass spectrometryHan, Dongqi
2022Assessment of human thermal comfort during short-term exposure in hot and humid urban outdoor areasHuang, Taiyang
2022Assessment of thermal energy storage system with PCME as both heat transfer fluid and storage mediumMok, Ching Wah
2022Attitudinal meaning and gender stereotypes in Lululemon’s online advertising : a corpus-based analysisZheng, Youchuan
2022Automation of ultrasound assessment of scoliosis with robotic scanningVictorova, Maria
2022Autonomous ship scheduling optimizationYang, Xiao
2022Behaviour of blind-bolted connections in concrete filled steel tubular columnsDebnath, Partha Pratim
2022A best practice framework for implementing residential modular integrated construction projects in Hong KongWuni, Ibrahim Yahaya
2022Big data sharing and high-efficiency traceability for blockchain-based supply chain managementWu, Hanqing
2022BIM divide : a hybrid approach to the adoption and implementation of BIM by construction small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries - the case of NigeriaSaka, Abdullahi Babatunde
2022Biomechanical study of adult acquired flatfoot for interventionPeng, Yinghu
2022Blind deep restoration : from face to natural imagesLi, Xiaoming
2022Boosting zinc metal anodes performance via interface engineering : reaction kinetics, morphology control and electrochemical reversibilityHou, Zhen
2022Breakthrough of ultrasonic imaging : from linear array to sparse networkYang, Xiongbin
2022Bridging deep learning to power system state estimation with PMUsHe, Yi
2022Business incubation process for design start-ups : case studies on government-based and university-based business incubators in Hong KongFong, Wai Man Tifanni