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2022Characteristics of side-branch array aeroacoustics and its application in low mach number flow duct noise controlYu, Ho Man
2022Chinese customary adoption : birth control policy, family adoption triangle, and individual experience in contemporary rural ChinaMeng, Ling
2022Chinese-language internet literature in Thailand : changes and continuities of readership, online communities, adaptations and censorshipParinyanat, Natthaya
2022Chiral anomaly-based transistors for low-dissipation computingChen, Jiewei
2022Cholesterol biosynthesis : a critical determinant of cancer stemness and drug resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma?Mok, Ho Kit
2022A community resilience assessment framework for university townsAbdul-Rahman, Mohammed
2022Computer-aided diagnosis of colour retinal imagingZhao, Ruohan
2022Computer-supported collaborative learning : predicting teamwork performance in collaborative project-based learningLin, Hoi Yan
2022A corticomuscular coherence (CMC)-electromyography (EMG)-based brain computer interface (BCI) for wrist-hand rehabilitation after strokeGuo, Ziqi
2022Data analytics for improving shipping efficiency : models, methods, and applicationsYan, Ran
2022Data-efficient, memory-effective, and shape priors-constrained learning for segmenting medical imagesSong, Youyi
2022Deep speaker embedding for robust speaker verificationTu, Youzhi
2022Design and optimization of tunable damper with coulomb and electromagnetic shunt dampingSun, Ruqi
2022Design of lanthanide supramolecular architecturesYim, King Him
2022Designing and understanding of extra-framework species in metal-organic frameworksXue, Qi
2022Detecting and assessing older adults' stressful interactions with the built environment : an elderly-centric and wearable sensing-based approachTorku, Alex
2022Determinants of project success for international construction joint ventures in GhanaTetteh, Mershack Opoku
2022Development and pilot evaluation of a web-based psychoeducation program for people with pathological dissociationFung, Hong Wang
2022Development of a computer vision model for quality inspection in textile industryMo, Dongmei
2022Development of a soft continuum robot system for surgical blood suctionLai, Jiewen