Author: Chen, Peilin
Title: Preparation and characterizations of a honeycomb-like porous carbon film for electrochemical energy storage systems
Advisors: An, Liang (ME)
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2019
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Porous materials
Electrodes -- Materials
Energy storage
Storage batteries
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Pages: 67 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: The characteristics of a honeycomb-like porous carbon film (HLPCF) as freestanding electrode material in supercapacitor as well as the rechargeable mental-ion batteries are investigated in this work. An organic precursor, polyacrylonitrile (PAN), is used as the precursor in the experiment to prepare the porous carbon film. Specifically, the polyacrylonitrile, dimethyl sulfone (DMSO2) and glycerol ternary system is used to prepare the precursor film. Furthermore, KOH activation is used to tailor the surface properties of carbon film. Subsequently, the electrochemical behavior of carbon film is studied by assembling rechargeable devices. By different heat treatment of KOH activation, HLPCF-900 as the electrode material in supercapacitor exhibits a superior electrochemical performance with excellent rate capabilities at current density from 0.2 A g⁻¹ to 10 A g⁻¹ and a specific capacity of 260 F g⁻¹ at a current density of 0.2 A g⁻¹. Moreover, perfect cyclic performance (with 100% retention after 100000 cycles) is discovered, which is the key attribute for this advanced EDLCs system. As a comparison, HLPCF samples are tested as freestanding anode electrode materials in lithium-ion battery as well as sodium-ion battery. The performance of specific capacity is moderate at the current density of 0.1 A g⁻¹ in lithium-ion battery (180 mAh g⁻¹) and sodium-ion battery (60 mAh g⁻¹) when using HLPCF. Therefore, KOH activated HLPCF can be regarded as a promising porous carbon film in supercapacitor.
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