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dc.contributorDepartment of Applied Social Studiesen_US
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dc.title當代中國大陸社會工作群體對社會工作的理解: 中國大陸民政系統個案研究en_US
dc.titleDang dai Zhongguo da lu she hui gong zuo qun ti dui she hui gong zuo de li jie : Zhongguo da lu min zheng xi tong ge an yan jiuen_US
dcterms.abstractThis thesis is a study of social work practices and education in the context of Mainland China. Although social work in China was re-institutionalized since mid eighties, it still has not developed into a well-defined profession with broad consensus. This study takes the consensus issue as a departure point and undertakes a qualitative study of existing social work practices and education. It first describes the basic characteristics of social work practices in China and discusses how social work education can be formulated. This thesis integrates literature review and case studies. It first develops an analytical framework through a literature review of the development process of the social work profession in Europe and United States. The framework formulates a model of dynamic interaction processes among three concepts: the interactions of social work groups within their specific contexts of social work development lead to pluralistic social work understanding. This study then conducted case studies of three major social work groups: social work educators, community service practitioners and civil affairs administrators. The analysis is based on fourteen interviews of members in those three social work groups. This study finds out that social work groups in China develop a 'pluralistic' understanding of social work and lack a consensus. The plurality composes of three orientations: professional, practical and mixed approach. This study argues that the pluralistic understanding is developed in the framework that 'contextual differences' within a common context. This thesis argues that although those social work groups are located within a broad context of social work development, the specific contexts in which they are located are different. Their interactions with their specific contexts led to different understanding of social work. The context of current educational reform and international social work community/ theories led social work educators to develop a 'professional' understanding. The context of urban administration and local needs led community service practitioners to develop a 'practical orientation' towards services and needs defined by the local urban administrators. Under the pressures of 'professionalization' and 'practical needs' the civil affairs administrators attempt to legitimize state governance through 'professionalization' to regulate the diverse 'existing' practices. This study provides a new perspective towards social work education in China. Social work educators should re-think the development of social work education and the development context of social work. They should relate social work education to these various contexts of social work development. They should bridge the differences among these social work groups and build social work education as a positive force in developing social work.en_US
dcterms.alternativeA study on the understanding of social work among members of the social work community in Mainland China : a case study on the system of civil affairs-
dcterms.extentvii, 223, [14], xiii leaves : ill. ; 30 cmen_US
dcterms.educationalLevelAll Masteren_US
dcterms.LCSHSocial service -- Chinaen_US
dcterms.LCSHSocial work education -- Chinaen_US
dcterms.LCSHHong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertationsen_US
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