Author: Kuo, Hsin Ling Shirley
Title: Place attachment, clustering, and performance : an empirical case study of the food and beverage industry in Feng Chia business district, Taiwan
Advisors: Lin, Pearl (SHTM)
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2019
Subject: Food industry and trade -- Economic aspects -- Taiwan
Beverage industry -- Economic aspects -- Taiwan
Place attachment
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: xiii, 186 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: This study is basically an explorative research, with the overall purpose to identify, explore and analyze the business districts play a crucial role in local development. The specific research objectives of this study are (1) to investigate the business district selection rationales for F&B business; (2) to identify the relationships among place attachment, clustering effects, and performance; (3) to examine the proposed model and test the hypothesized relationships among the constructs by using SEM, and also provide implications of the research on both theoretical and practical contribution on F&B industry, business district, and government. Currently, Taiwan restaurants mushroomed everywhere, however, can survive in the commercial fight only a very small part, about 40% of the five years of survival. (Economic Daily News, 2018). Restaurant operations to the site are the most crucial. Spotted the power of the business district and marketing efforts, many restaurants have been stationed in the business district to grab the money boom. Coupled with the changes in consumer behavior patterns, around the restaurant there is a business district or shops to shop gradually into an important condition when consumer select meals location. Business district and restaurants became a mutually beneficial win-win model. As a result, the proportion of restaurants was gradually increased, and the business district gradually became a restaurant-oriented competition mode. Explore the attitude of restaurant operators, and their place attachment, place identity are more important that if local government develop the business district. Promoting or creating industrial or business clusters have been regarded as a panacea for local economic development (Raines, 2017). In this study concern how business district attachment and clusters being developed and how firms interactions within clusters for increasing their competitiveness. In this context, the present study explores whether attachment and clustering have positive effects on the performance of restaurants in business districts, based on a new theoretical framework derived from prior literature, Ministry of Economic Affairs, MOEA data, and collected quantitative surveys from restaurant operators and staffs in Feng Chia business district. In this research adapt quantitative methods by the application of Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) to hypothesized relationships between the constructs and the overall validity of the proposed conceptual model. The study contributes to the F&B industries are as follows: (1) Restaurant management in business districts with the emotional connection formed by business district attachment and operating environment. (2) To implement the upgrade of hardware facilities to attract related professional to help restaurants establish their specific theme. (3) And build a competitive operating environment through the management of business district organizations to create a win-win opportunity under the "competing" relationship between restaurants in the future.
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