Author: Chau, Chi Ping
Title: Adopting multiliteracies pedagogy in teaching Chinese as a second language to university students at the preliminary level
Advisors: Feng Dezheng William (ENGL)
Kim Sun-A (CBS)
Degree: DALS
Year: 2020
Subject: Chinese language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers
Second language acquisition
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Humanities
Pages: x, 179 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: The Multiliteracies Pedagogy proposed by the New London Group in 1996 aimed to prepare learners to face the challenges of a fast-changing society with linguistic and cultural diversity in the new century. It has a distinct framework which contains four principles: situated practice, overt instruction, critical framing and transformed practice. In this action research, the teacher applies multimodal resources and the framework of Multiliteracies Pedagogy in teaching Chinese as a second language over ten weeks to university students at the preliminary level in Hong Kong. She videotape records her class delivery for classroom discourse analysis and does self-reflection on her teaching. A midĀ­term survey and a post-class survey with both close and open questions, post-class focus group interviews are conducted to collect students' feedback on teacher's teaching with the new pedagogy. Based on students' feedback, the teacher does further reflections and gains ideas about how to make improvement in her future teaching with MP as well as cater to individual learner's need and achieve student-centred teaching. The study demonstrates a strong impact of MP. Under MP, the teacher, as a facilitator, uses scaffolding and asks plenty of questions to guide the students to acquire knowledge; the instruction of vocabulary and grammar is communicative. The students receive sufficient comprehensible, elaborated language inputs and timely feedback from the teacher. They enjoy the teacher-student interaction and plenty of speaking opportunities, develop a sense of cultural awareness and have chances to creatively apply what they learn from class in a different situation. MP guides the teacher to design, deliver and reflect on her lesson effectively, and results in a positive change in the teacher's view on teaching and learning; the students are impressed with the class dynamic brought about by utilizing multimodal resources and the framework of MP. They also acknowledge their benefit from the teacher's new practice. Based on a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of classroom discourse and students' feedback, and the teacher's self-reflection, in the end, the researcher presents her interpretation of MP and gives recommendations on implementing MP to teachers who intend to adopt MP in their teaching. Meanwhile, she addresses the features of student-centred teaching and provides suggestions to the Integrated Approach in teaching Chinese as a second language.
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