Author: Liu, Chang
Title: Development and operation of themed B&B : a multiple-case study in Kunming
Degree: DHTM
Year: 2020
Subject: Bed and breakfast accommodations -- China -- Kunming
Bed and breakfast accommodations -- Management
Hotel management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: ix, 265 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: According to authoritative data from the 2016-2020 China Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Intensive Survey and Investment Prospect Forecast, there were 30,231 B&Bs in China in 2014, which increased to 42,658 by the end of 2015, then 53,852 at the end of 2016. This represents an increase of nearly 78% in only two years. In observing the current market, most B&Bs are located in rural, mountainous, or coastal areas, with various types and themes. As the B&B has rapidly developed to include upgraded levels of consumption and large-scale capital involvement, it is important to know how to make a B&B unique and provide an innovative experience to absorb clientele. Kunming's B&Bs in particular face intense competition, as its B&B operators must improve their quality and B&B characteristics during this rapid development due to the narrow profit margins caused by similar design positioning and competitive relationships with ordinary hotels. The market competition mechanism has forced operators of themed B&Bs to promote quality and create unique characteristics. Thus, it is noteworthy to explore themed B&Bs' development and operation, topics previously unaddressed in literature. A study on the characteristics of themed B&Bs in an urban setting would also significantly impact planning for cities' future development. Shaping and selecting themes and service improvements have become the most important reason for B&Bs' sustainable operations. Further, this is typically at the core of themed B&B studies, as this is also a key factor in determining their success. The current case study examines themed B&Bs to discuss not only the key success factors in selecting, shaping, and managing services for themed B&Bs, but also the challenges and other issues these businesses face in their operations. This study also explores the B&B sector's relatively recent development, as research on themed B&Bs in particular has only recently emerged. The themed B&B sector is non-mainstream compared with mainstream and chain hotels in the lodging sector, and research has been limited to domestic studies. Thus, the author adopted a qualitative research method to examine the topic. This paper is divided into three primary stages. First, industry cases are introduced, and an analysis is provided of the enterprises' external environment, such as their social, legislative, legal, and technological settings. The work then concludes with opportunities for future research and a discussion of threats to the industry. In the first stage, factors influencing the positioning of themed B&Bs can be categorized as either internal or external factors. The former includes thematic, facility-based, and managerial factors, while the latter includes regional, environmental, cultural, competitive, tourism source, and legislative factors. The process of establishing a themed B&B must consider how to excavate cultural connotations to integrate various thematic elements into the building's decor and environment, management space, service processes, and management system. Ultimately, these elements must provide the customer with a comprehensive, unique cultural experience, which is key to establishing a themed B&B and also an important topic of discussion in this section.
The second stage analyzes the industry's internal environment through comprehensive interviews with B&B operators. Porter's five-competition framework is used to explain industry competition and development and further understand the current operating methods for themed B&Bs. Collectively, these internal and external factors and a discussion of industry issues based on actual data are used to analyze competitive advantages and disadvantages through an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). In the third stage, the study concludes by examining operating management strategies combined with research on cases that involve segmenting, targeting, and positioning (STP) and a discussion of key success factors. Preliminary research revealed that while Kunming has many traditional B&Bs, their management level is subpar. These B&Bs have experienced significant difficulties due to competition with several chain and multi-starred hotels. However, themed B&Bs can attract tourists to their unique buildings and room designs as well as special operational status; therefore, this research explored various cases to provide a further analysis of this status. The results indicate that themed B&Bs experience more fierce competition, single profitability means, and stringent government policies. Operators who adapt by using or creating site conditions—including building and room design features—can build environmental competitiveness and strengthen their marketing abilities and channels. In summary, all types of internal and external factors must be balanced in the course of creating and selecting a thematic positioning and practical operation for themed hotels, including market, economic, cultural, and social factors. A comprehensive analysis of these factors can assist these owners and operators in building different themes, as they can consider various characteristics in their business operations to improve and build brand competitiveness. Consequently, B&B operators can enhance their management abilities, service quality, and brand reputation. Internal and external features, including the B&B's internal culture and services, can be also emphasized to build product competitiveness. This study can assist B&Bs in their positioning among branded hotels by improving their theme-based features, among other values, to achieve real and sustainable development in the B&B industry. This research's results can also provide a direction for future research.
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