Author: Chang, Jin
Title: Implement supply chain management in contract electronics manufacturing industry
Degree: D.B.A.
Year: 2001
Subject: Business logistics
Electronics plants
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Management
Pages: ix, 221 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The principle of Supply Chain Management techniques has been applied by companies for couples of years. As an efficient way of reducing cost and meeting customer satisfaction, application of Supply Chain Management concept is now being experienced by innovative companies in the CEMs (Contract Electronics Manufacturing) industry. Recently, Supply Chain Management has gradually become the main stream of international management science. Compared with the global economy, China only occupies a very tiny place in the field of electronic industry so far. With China's further development and entrance of WTO, it is pressing to spread effective SCM implementation to Chinese CEMs industry. This paper studies the current excellent practice in managing Supply Chain Management in CEMs industry. The multiple on-site case studies in the field of CEMs industry are necessary basis of analysis to obtain a literal replication to give insights into the advanced integrated approach of SCM implementation. We carried out the preliminary pilot study prior to our case studies. The pilot study provided us with a standard implementation process and a measurement benchmark. That's to say, we designed seven performance measurements as the benchmark of each case study's performance focusing on the goal of six successful factors. In this way, the detail improvement of each research objective can be manifested objectively and visually. Also, the pilot study provided us with a standard integration process whose application was further confirmed when case study is conducted. We chose two similar companies in material management, operation management and market management. The major difference between them is their key suppliers' location. By using the methodology of Program Logic Model, combination of Pattern-matching and Time-series analysis, we analyzed both companies' performance during the period of SCM implementation. The analysis deliberately stipulates a complex chain of events (pattern) by quarter (time series). The result of cross-case analysis leads to our two propositions: the higher the integration of Engineering and Purchasing in a manufacturer, the better the performance of SCM implementation; manufacturers that score higher on SCM performance would have higher advantage in marketplace. Moreover, owing to the detail and definite elaboration of analysis and comparison, it is easy to conceive of the necessity and superiority of SCM implementation. The company having no SCM will absolutely be eliminated from competition. From then, our research objectives have been achieved not only demonstrating the importance of integrating Engineering and Purchasing function for SCM implementation, but also providing study result to prove the different levels of SCM implementation result in different levels of market advantage. At the end of analysis, we got some hints from comparison with the both companies' performance. XYZ's growing step will continue definitely. It is going to exploit its marketplace and gain more benefits later. However, ABC is restricted to its major suppliers' location. Unless it has to adopt other supply chain management tools and enhance relationship with its partners, its progress will come to nil because the essence of SCM is eternal.
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