Author: Lo, Kai-yeung Kaiser
Title: All join together for better rehabilitation : an exploratory study on interprofessional collaborative practice in home care rehabilitation service in Hong Kong
Advisors: Tsui, Ming Sum (APSS)
Degree: DSW
Year: 2020
Subject: People with mental disabilities -- Rehabilitation -- China -- Hong Kong
People with mental disabilities -- Services for -- China -- Hong Kong
People with disabilities -- Rehabilitation -- China -- Hong Kong
People with disabilities -- Services for -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Applied Social Sciences
Pages: ix, 263 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: This study explored the significant factors of interprofessional collaboration within a local rehabilitation homecare service (RHCS) team to enhance service delivery for service users and refine the local operational framework for the operators of the RHCS in Hong Kong. A qualitative approach was adopted and 14 participants gave their fully-informed consent to participate in the study. Four types of stakeholders from the RHCS: social workers, paramedical staff (occupational therapists, physiotherapists and nurses), non-professional members (administration and clerical staff, rehab care workers, health workers and therapy assistant) and caregivers from the study site expressed their feedbacks and opinions of interprofessional collaborative practice. Findings showed that participants were highly concerned about the essential components for enhancement and smooth running of interprofessional collaborative practices such as communication, respect, professional attitude and staff stability. Furthermore, evidence suggests social worker's play a dual role and function as case manager and service coordinator to coordinate individual service plans with other professional members and caretakers to deliver tailor-made and quality of home-based rehabilitation services for the service users in RHCS. This study also found that the Western framework of interprofessional collaborative practice could not be fully transplanted into community-based rehabilitation services in Hong Kong such as RHCS. Some areas, such as the organizational structure and professional training, were however, adjustable in practice to fit the local context. Therefore, an Input Process Outcome (IPO) Conceptual Framework for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice was suggested here for local practice. The IPO framework emphasizes consolidation of input elements i.e. determinants of successful collaboration at various levels, strengthening the functions of social work and involvement of People with Severe Disabilities (PWSDs), their caretakers and frontline staff. Two systems from the operational process of collaboration are the Case Management System and Matrix of Communication, and Operational Manual and practice Guidelines. The outcome of this will improve safety, enhance service quality and avoid service duplication. As a process for practice, this framework constitutes the interprofessional to transprofessional mode. Positively, this suggested framework could highlight and strengthen the roles and functions of social workers. It is also expected to refine the local development and practice of interprofessional collaboration to bridge the gaps in knowledge and practice.
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