Author: Kwan, Wing Yan
Title: Views and implementation of developing children’s English reading motivation in Hong Kong kindergartens : whole language approach and teacher-directed approach
Advisors: Ho, Victor (ENGL)
Degree: M.A.
Year: 2021
Subject: English language -- Study and teaching (Preschool)
Language experience approach in education
Reading, Psychology of
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of English
Pages: 120 page
Language: English
Abstract: In western countries, the whole language approach is a common and essential language teaching method that hopes children immerse into the language environment and gain knowledge naturally (Enoki, 1992). In recent years, more and more kindergartens in Hong Kong is applying this strategy in teaching English. At the same time, most kindergartens are still adopting a traditional teacher-directed approach that teacher use their expertise in transmitting knowledge while children take a receptive role in learning (Good & Brophy, 2003). Early English learning is crucial for children, there are also weaknesses and strengths in implementing the two teaching methods (Weinstein, Tomlinson Clarke & Curran, 2003). However, there is a lack of researches and figures in Hong Kong that compares the effects of the two approaches and how these teaching styles motivate and foster children's English reading ability. To understand what the actual practices implemented in Hong Kong kindergartens are, this research aims to investigate kindergarten teachers' views on the implementation of teaching English with a whole language approach and teacher-directed approach, and how do teachers using the two approaches to develop children's reading motivation. The research project employed a mixed-method approach involving both quantitative and qualitative analyses. Data were collected through questionnaires and interviews. About 100 in-service teachers are invited for the questionnaire survey and 10 teachers for the interviews. It is hoped that both quantitative and qualitative methods can be used to increase the comprehensiveness and the scope of the study, making the research more factual and in real-life educational contexts. Their views would also be one of the main discussion in my research that how can teachers motivate children's English reading ability with the fixed teaching policy at school.
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