Author: Rahimli, Narmina
Title: The adoption of open innovation as a form of management innovation and its impact on individuals
Advisors: Chan, Felix (ISE)
Degree: Ph.D.
Year: 2021
Subject: Industrial management
Organizational change -- Management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Pages: x, 259 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: There are many types of innovation, but traditionally innovation research has been focused on technological forms of innovation by disregarding the notion of non-technological forms of innovation. Management innovation (MI), a type of non-technological innovation, is adopted to improve managerial routines and practices, yet management innovation is one of the most understudied elements in innovation research. Literature suggests that nowadays, organisations do not generate innovations within their organisational boundaries; rather, they need to open up for external collaborations. This suggestion implies that opening up of organisational boundaries will impact managerial practices, and as such, it is essential to understand how managerial practices are transformed under organisational openness. The concept of organisational openness has been coined as open innovation (OI), and it is one of the most popular elements in the innovation literature. However, very little is known about individuals who participate in the process of opening up and how this practice impacts their work routines and responsibilities; instead, the majority of OI literature is focused on organisational outcomes. The close examination of the literature suggests that OI activities share the same characteristics as MI, and as such, this study argues that the adoption of and participation in OI can be viewed as MI. Thus, this study's main objective is to explore the research link between the concepts of OI and MI by conceptualising the adoption of OI as MI from the individual perspective. Specifically, this study aims to understand how the adoption of and participation in OI practices as MI impacts individuals and their work-related performance. This study adopted qualitative research methods that contributed to answering the research questions and meeting the research objectives to explore the phenomenon under consideration. In particular, this study conducted 22 semi-structured online interviews with individuals that represent different industries and regions. In addition to the qualitative data analysis, a text-mining application was used to analyse the results further.
The findings revealed that the adoption of OI practices is MI, as it contributes to changes in management routines and organisational structures by shifting employees' responsibilities. Additionally, the application of the Technological, Organisational, Environmental and Individual (TOEI) framework allowed us to conceptualise the adoption of OI as MI from the individual perspective and to explore previously unknown factors as well as to understand how factors from different contexts interact and impact the adoption of OI practices, e.g., international experience, office layout, and reputation as a multilevel factor. The post-adoption examination revealed that OI's adoption as MI improves employees' performance and enhances their career opportunities. The results of our study offer original contributions for the research community and practitioners. Firstly, this is one of the first studies that establish the research link between two innovation fields, open innovation and management innovation. Secondly, this study contributes to an emerging line of inquiry on the "human side" of OI and MI research by identifying essential OI and MI micro-foundational factors, e.g., international experience. Thirdly, the findings provide a crucial contribution to understanding individual-level outcomes by highlighting how individuals benefit from participating in open innovation activities- this consideration may help organisations to reduce work-related stress and improve staff retention among employees.
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