Author: Yang, Chen
Title: A study on leading street fashion brands communication on instagram from a cross-cultural perspective
Advisors: Ngai, Cindy (CBS)
Wu, Doreen (CBS)
Degree: DALS
Year: 2022
Subject: Fashion merchandizing
Instagram (Electronic resource)
Internet marketing
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Humanities
Pages: 171 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: With the introduction of social media into the sphere of everyday life, multimodal and highly interactive communications have been made possible in the field of marketing. However, research on mechanisms by which social media contributes to B2C and C2C communications is far from adequate, if not sparse. In the era of digital communication, social media is ubiquitous and plays a crucial part in marketing strategy development. It is, therefore, of great practical value to research into the working mechanisms of B2C and C2C communications with a view to helping marketers enhance their marketing solutions on social media thereby attracting more customers and improving their profitability.
This study aimed at scrutinizing the B2C and C2C communications in street fashion brands' advertising on Instagram (IG) from a cross-cultural perspective. Special attention was placed on examining multimodality and interactivity of the advertising discourse from Asian and Western leading street fashion brands, and the effect of group polarization on customers from different cultural backgrounds. To achieve this objective, samples of B2C and C2C communications in street fashion brands' advertising on IG were collected and analysed in detail to unfold their working mechanisms. Mixed method approach is adopted in this study. Content analysis is employed to reveal the use multimodality and interactivity of the advertising discourse on IG from leading street fashion brands with different cultural background while experiment is designed to investigate effect of group polarization on IG customers from different cultural background. The mix method research approach can largely ensure the accuracy and reliability of the findings.
For multimodal analysis, findings indicated that Asian street fashion brands tended to include concrete information in multimodal discourses whereas their Western counterparts tended to leave room for viewers' interpretation. However, neither of them attached much importance to the construction of multimodal metaphors in their IG posts. In terms of interactivity, results suggested that Asian and Western Street fashion brands were similar in their use interactivity strategy on IG. It can be concluded that a better use of the multimodal metaphors on IG is highly warranted. As for group polarization analysis, results suggested that (1) positive polarization was salient amongst the viewers in viewing the IG posts advertising street fashion brands; (2) those viewers having neutral attitudes towards an IG post were susceptible to negative comments; and (3) Asian fans of street fashion brands who have neutral attitudes are susceptible to positive comments in face-to-face group discussions. The findings of this study have practical implications for marketers specializing in promoting street fashion brands through IG advertising. This study may also provide theoretical value for researchers who are interested in examining psychological factors affecting B2C and C2C communications and consumer behaviour.
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