Author: Chan, Yin-kar Alice
Title: To evaluate the teaching, learning and goals of a stage management course in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Degree: M.Ed.
Year: 2003
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Curriculum evaluation -- China -- Hong Kong
Stage management -- Study and teaching -- China -- Hong Kong
Department: School of Professional Education and Executive Development
Pages: v, 128, [44] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: I have been teaching the stage management courses in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for six years. In general, students are very passive and dependent. They accept information uncritically. In the Fundamentals of Management I course, students have learnt the stage management techniques, but they have no idea of how to put them together, or how these techniques are used in a real context. Moreover, it seems students have little enthusiasm in these courses; therefore, it is very difficult to have interaction with them. All these are undesirable situations of teaching and learning in recent years. Stimulated by the situations, this study has investigated the teaching, learning and goals of a stage management course, titled Fundamentals of Management I. The objectives of this study are to identifying the current state and the effectiveness of the course curriculum, and, where appropriate, making recommendations for improvement. Through reviewing literature; consulting conceptual frameworks; and with the help of the stakeholders, Needs Assessment has been conducted to collect data to answer the research questions set for the study. As a result, a number of discrepancies associated with the current course curriculum have been identified. In accordance with the findings, strategies such as Lesson Plan, Checklist For Class Activity Planning, and Formative Feedback evaluation have been recommended for modifications and improvement on the course curriculum. Consequently, the study objectives have been realized. Hopefully, the course curriculum could be more solid and teaching could be much effective. So that students would want-to-learn rather than have-to-learn! It is also hoped that the findings could be generalized, and used for improving other courses of a similar nature.
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