Author: Gong, Jiansheng
Title: Monitoring of edge guardrails on construction site based on building information modeling and Internet of Things
Advisors: Fan, Hongqin (BRE)
Degree: DIREC
Year: 2023
Subject: Falls (Accidents) -- Prevention
Construction industry -- Safety measures
Building information modeling
Internet of things
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Building and Real Estate
Pages: ix, 151 pages : color illustrations
Language: English
Abstract: According to the construction statistics of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, falling from heights, as the most common accident, poses a significant threat to the safety of workers and construction companies. In an attempt to protect the lives and property of construction workers and companies, it is necessary to set up guardrails in hazardous areas, such as edges and openings. Therefore, this study adopts digital management based on the integration of Building Information Modeling (hereinafter simplified as BIM) and traditional on-site construction edge protection and probes into the monitoring and management of edge protection on construction sites.
The dissertation first introduces the notions of BIM and Internet of Things (hereinafter simplified as IoT) as well as their applications in the construction industry. It also analyzes the risks and evaluations of edge guardrails and the requirements and difficulties of edge protection monitoring. Furthermore, it elucidates how to achieve UAV obstacle avoidance, monitor the status and performance of edge guardrails with IoT technology, and combine monitoring data with BIM models to realize real-time warning and control. Finally, it proposes a set of technical solutions based on IoT technology and edge protection hazard identification rules, which identify different levels of hazardous areas in the BIM 3D model and provide real-time feedback to construction site managers through UAV patrols and detectors, effectively reducing the occurrence of falls from heights. The integration of BIM + IoT technology improves the safety and efficiency of construction projects, which thus promotes the digitalization and intelligence of the construction industry.
Note : The Doctor of International Real Estate and Construction programme is a taught postgraduate programme.
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