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dc.titleDesign optimization of compression stockings based on fluid-structure interaction modelingen_US
dcterms.abstractCompression textiles have been widely applied for the prevention and treatment of venous disorders (e.g., deep vein thrombosis, leg ulcers, lymphedema, and superficial phlebitis) through the designed external pressure system. Elastic compression stockings (ECSs) are one of typical types of compression textiles for reduction of venous hypertension and promotion of venous return. However, limited studies develop numerical simulation methods combined with transmission mechanism analysis to systematically predict interface pressure in the ECS-leg system. The integration of the numerical simulation and optimization approach to determine sensitive design parameters of the ECS-leg system for achieving the target pressure levels is few reported. The aim of this study is to construct a numerical model combined with the experimental validation for the investigation of interface pressure, stress transmission, and venous hemodynamics induced by ECSs with different pressure designs based on our determined ECS and tissue properties and constructed geometric models. Based on the simulation results, an optimization system was obtained to optimize design parameters for required pressure function.en_US
dcterms.abstractThis thesis consists of six parts to achieve these objectives. The first part is to construct an analytic model to determine the ECS mechanical properties in a three-dimensional (3D) scale to improve and optimize the simulation precision of the pressure. The second part is to construct the geometric leg models of three subjects using reverse engineering technology based on the magnetic resonance imaging. The third part is to construct the finite element model (FEM) for three subjects to numerically simulate the mechanical performances of ECS-leg system based on the determined material properties and the constructed geometric models. Both the referred and determined leg tissue properties were applied in our developed FE models. A good agreement existed between the simulated and the experimental pressure data, especially for the results by using the determined tissue properties. In addition, tissue stresses gradually decreased from the skin surface to the deeper soft tissues till vein walls, which influenced the venous hemodynamic responses. The fourth part is to construct a fluid-solid interaction (FSI) model with experimental validation to numerically simulate hemodynamic responses in the ECS-leg system. The results showed that the venous flow velocities appeared an increased trend with the increased interface pressure by ECSs. The fifth part is to assess the subjective comfort perception towards the pressure applied by the ECSs with the aid of statistical analysis. The last part is to develop an optimization approach to determine the optimal fabric parameters for achieving a balanced mechanical function and wearing comfort of ECSs based on our developed FE and FSI ECS-leg system.en_US
dcterms.abstractThis study provides a novel method to optimize the design of ECS products through numerical analysis and modelling of the lower limbs, tissue properties, and ECS material properties. This study not only investigated the mechanical interaction of the ECSs and lower limbs, but also improved the simulation precision of the ECS-leg system, which enhance the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the interactions between elastic compression textiles and the human body, thereby facilitating compression material optimization and pressure dose control for improved compression therapeutic efficacy.en_US
dcterms.extent182 pages : color illustrationsen_US
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dcterms.LCSHAntiembolism stockingsen_US
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