Author: Wang, Chun-lin
Title: A study of the critical factors for the evolution of Chinese freight forwarder into 3PL service providers
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2003
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Freight forwarders -- China
Freight and freightage -- China
Business logistics -- Contracting out -- China
Department: Department of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Pages: vii, 84 leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Freight forwarding is a traditional business with a long history that can be traced back to the thirteenth century and the industry in China has also experienced its best times in 1980's and early 1990's. But with the ever further reforming of foreign trade transportation in China and its accession to WTO (World Trade Organization), Chinese freight forwarders have been facing many difficulties and challenges. All these have left the Chinese freight forwarders less and less profit margins and put them in a very difficult position and even threaten the survival of them. Objectively, this is a kind of impetus. To survive in the unfavorable situations, one of the ways out for them is to evolve into 3PL providers. At the same time, there are in China some drivers emerged which shall be helpful for China's 3PL development and the transformation of Chinese freight forwarders. To achieve the goal, Chinese freight forwarders need some theoretical guidelines before they realize their dreams and the purpose of this dissertation is trying to identify the key factors that are most likely to affect a Chinese freight forwarding company who intends to provide 3pl services by examining the relationship between the company and the factors. The key factors are assumed as the financial status (number of employees), the availability of expertise, the provision of on-the-job training to employees and the availability of quality system in a Chinese freight forwarding company. Based on above, four hypotheses are set up and the questionnaires were sent to the parties in Chinese freight forwarding industry to collect the primary data. Also by adopting Probit model, the data were analyzed and the hypotheses are tested. The finding are: the financial status (number of employees) and the availability of quality system in a Chinese freight forwarding company don't play a very important role in providing 3pl service; the availability of expertise and the provision of on-the-job training to employees in a Chinese freight forwarding company play a very important role in providing 3pl service. Subsequently, some recommendations ate presented and limitations are also mentioned in this dissertation.
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