Author: 劉愛力
Liu, Aili
Title: 不同组织因素及个人因素条件下授权、授权感受与组织绩效的相关性研究
Bu tong zu zhi yin su ji ge ren yin su tiao jian xia shou quan, shou quan gan shou yu zu zhi ji xiao de xiang guan xing yan jiu
Other Title: Organizational and personal factors moderate the impact of empowering practices on the feeling of empowerment and work behaviours
Degree: D.B.A.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Employee empowerment
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: 255 leaves : ill., charts (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: Chinese
Abstract: A lot of studies have focused deeply on empowering, but they derived different results. Some show positive effects of empowering on the organization's efficiency and staff's attitudes and behaviors; and some urge that empowering have no effects on the organization and staff's attitudes and behaviors. Even others point out that empowering have negative effect. Why do the results have so big differences? Which type of empowering is effective leadership empowering? Can the effective leadership empowering in west context stand in China? Does effective leadership empowering have the same cognitiion and psychological feeling (i.e. empowering feeling)? Do different organizational and individual factors lead to different empowering feeling? Do the empowering feeling of employees affect their behaviors and attitudes? What's effect? The dissertation tries to answer theses questions. The research have survey the organizations that have adopted the empowering practices, and we did questionnaire survey on 29 supervisors and 620 subordinates. We use statistics method to analyze the data, including exploring factor analysis, reliablility analyses, Confirmatory factor analyses, hierarchical regression, canonical correlation analysis and structural question modeling. We reach the conclusions as follows: 1. The effective empowering advanced by Arnold, Arad, Rhoades and Drasgow (2000) can be cognized and understood by participants, and the concept is appropriate in China. 2. The effective leadership empowering is positively related with empowering feeling presented by Spreitzer. The involving decisions have biggest influence on empowering feeling. But trust, organizational factors sourcing the effective leadership empowering and individual factors, self-esteem and controlling type have moderating effect on the relationship. 3. The empowering feeling affect the employees' attitudes and behaviors-empowering feeling have positive related with job satisfaction, organizational commitment and personal performance. And empowering feeling have positive relative relationship with 4 demension of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) - Impersonal harmony, Protecting company resources, Organizational Citizenship Behavior of organization (OCBO) and OCBO belongs to organizational Citizenship Behavior of organization of individual significantly. 4. Under the controlling of organizational trust, the effective empowering has positive relationship with job satisfaction intermediating the empowering feeling. 5. Under controlling of personality ---- self-esteem, the effective leadership empowering has positive relationship with OCBO intermediating empowering feeling. 6. The effect of empowering on the staff's attitude with vary due to different organizational factors and individual factors.
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