Author: Lo, Kwing-kwan Terry
Title: Managing interdepartmental conflicts : a case study of DragonAir
Degree: M.B.A.
Year: 1996
Subject: Conflict management -- Case studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Management
Pages: viii, 103, [6] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The study of conflict management has become a trendy subject in organisational studies as conflict has been recognised as a basic process that must be managed in every organisation (Thomas, 1976). There are two main streams in the study of conflict. Theorists like Corwin (1969), Walton, Dutton and Cafferty (1969) believed that an organisation may stagnate should there be little or no conflict. Their study centred in finding the amount of conflict leading to an optimum level of organisational effectiveness. Researchers like Blake and Mouton (1964), Thomas (1976), Rahim and Bonoma (1979), on the other hand, like to study the appropriate styles of managing conflict in different circumstances. This paper attempts to study conflict management through a case study of Dragonair. Handling conflict is simply part of the daily routine of the five marketing and sales departments of Dragonair. This study will try to diagnose the causes and types of conflicts existed among these departments. Pertinent literature and previous research will be referenced. As part of this paper, a survey by questionnaire is conducted and its results are analysed in the following chapters. The aim of this study is to identify, by means of the survey, the amount of conflicts existed among the five departments and the conflict management styles preferred by these departments. The final objective is to device guidelines appropriate for the departments to manage the interdepartmental conflicts, and hence maintain an optimum level of organisational efficiency.

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