Author: Chan, Man-fong
Title: An exploration study of the social workers' experiences of using solution-focused brief therapeutic model in Hong Kong youth outreaching social work context
Year: 2000
Subject: Social work with youth -- China -- Hong Kong
Youth -- Services for -- China -- Hong Kong
Solution-focused brief therapy -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Applied Social Sciences
Pages: iii, 183 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The focus of the study is to explore the experience in the process of attempting to use the Solution Focused Brief Therapeutic (SFBT) model, the western-based psychotherapy, in the daily work of Hong Kong outreaching social workers. These include the exploration of factors influencing their choice of using the model; their comments on the usefulness and constraints; and their adaptations and modifications in using the model. In-depth interviews have been conducted to explore in these areas. Four outreaching social workers, who have attempted to use the SFBT model in outreaching social work practice ranged from three to five years within the same agency, were interviewed. The findings of the study have revealed that the "Practical Knowledge of Practitioner" was crucial in helping outreaching social workers to integrate the SFBT model with the outreaching social work practice. Secondly, the "Practitioner’s Ideological and Value Orientation" was found to be significantly influencing the informants choosing and articulating the SFBT model in practice. Social worker was found to be an active agent in linking up theory and practice within an ideological thread. Thirdly, the "Influence of Agency Factor on Practitioner" was recognized as an essential element to support social workers to put theory into practice. Fourthly, the "Cultural Consideration in Practice" was highlighted for there was a need for informants to adapt the use of the Western-based therapeutic model in local practice. The cultural consideration was indispensable with the understanding of clients' perspective in responding to intervention conducted by outreaching social workers. In essence, the study of the social workers' experiences in attempting to use the SFBT model revealed that the four identified factors were significant in influencing informants in actual practice. "Social Worker" was identified as an active agent in mediating these influences through the process of using theory in actual practice. Actually, the rigorous practice of the original format of the SFBT model was not emphasized in their experiences of outreaching social work practice, especially with the consideration of clients’ responses or feedback to their interventions.
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