Author: 徐步榮
Xu, Burong
Title: 中国高星级饭店中餐出品标准化可行性研究 : 以杭州市高星级饭店为例
Zhongguo gao xing ji fan dian Zhong can chu pin biao zhun hua ke xing xing yan jiu : yi Hangzhou Shi gao xing ji fan dian wei li
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Food service management -- Standards -- China -- Hangzhou -- Case studies
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: ix, 87 leaves ; 30 cm
Language: Chinese
Abstract: As we know, the standardization of Chinese food & beverage is very important for the development of hotel business. Based on process controlling theory, this thesis aims at the standardization feasibility of Chinese food & beverage of high-star hotels in China from the respect of management, in order to make a conclusion to see if this standardization is feasible so that it can be a solid basis for future research. After the introduction of researching background, the author made a literature review on the quality controlling theory about the common products and food & beverage products. As a result, the author find out that correlative research work only focused on some other factors, such as the selection of cooking tools, cooking technique, periphery circumstance and marketing etc. No research work has been done on controlling the whole process of food & beverage products. A hypothesis is put forward on this basis: the standardization feasibility of Chinese food & beverage depends on the controlling effect of every factor in all 6 steps. According to this hypothesis, the author makes a demonstration which is divided into two parts: questionnaire investigation and focus interview. The questionnaire is designed by hypothesis targeting a detailed thorough acknowledgement with all the 6 steps of Chinese food & beverage production process in high-star hotels in Hangzhou. A further focus interview will be carried on based on questionnaire analysis to deepen the research. The fifth chapter has made a conclusion on the basis of aforesaid article and put forward some advices. After the analysis of Chinese food & beverage production process, the author thinks that some concrete measures should be taken to enhance the standardization effect. Consciousness establishment of standardization, human resource management consolidation and the management system perfection should be regarded as three key measures. The betterment of these 6 steps and ascertainment of key measures give a clear direction to all the managers in high-star hotels, and also establishes a firm base for the research in the future.
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