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dc.titleUtilizing average roundtrip time (RTT) and the local workload p for efficient object-oriented real-time computing over the Interneten_US
dcterms.abstractThe focus of this MScST dissertation is investigation of the impact by both the roundtrip time (RTT) and the local workload p on the reliability and performance of MORC (mobile object-oriented real-time computing). In an MORC program or software the constituent logical objects interact in a client /server relationship through logical communication channels that interconnect remote sites together. In a sizeable network, the passage through a channel may involve many physical traversals of intermediary nodes and links of various capacities and qualities. Therefore, message loss, corruption and retransmissions are inevitable. Widespread message retransmission however would lead to longer RTT and poor reliability, which in turns yields poor system performance and lack of timeliness for the responses. The project includes two main objectives: a) Investigate the impact of both RTT and p on Tactual, which is the execution time of an object-oriented MORC program based on the MS (Master-Salve) communication paradigm [1] The equation for Tactual is Tactual= S * TmNe-Ar*B(RTT.P.D) which is a novel version derived from a previous research [2] and this is first of the two original elements in this thesis. b) Propose a novel framework to make use of the Tactual for better reliability and performance. Due to the time constraints the verification of this framework is recommended for future investigation and enhancement. But, this framework is considered the second original element of the project. This project has achieved part (a) and produces only some static data for the preliminary ACF framework proposed in part (b) because of the time constraints.en_US
dcterms.extentix, 30 leaves : ill. ; 30 cmen_US
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dcterms.LCSHObject-oriented programming (Computer science)en_US
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