Author: 許勤
Xu, Qin
Title: 中国信息技术产业对国民经济增长贡献的研究
Zhongguo xin xi ji shu chan ye dui guo min jing ji zeng zhang gong xian de yan jiu
Other Title: The contribution of IT industry to economic growth in China
Degree: D.B.A.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Information technology -- Economic aspects -- China.
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: xii, 141 leaves ; 30 cm.
Language: Chinese
Abstract: The information technologies, including micro-electric, software, computer, and communication and network technologies, etc., are becoming increasingly important in the new global industrial revolution. With the rapid growth, the information technology (IT) industry has become one of the most active and large-scale industries in the world. This research focuses on measuring the contribution of IT industry to economic growth in China. It aims to confirm the new growing points to speed up the overall economic development, and to aid the government to work out more effective IT development policies and plans in the IT ages. China is now in a special economic development stage, and the most important task for China is to balance the development of IT industry and the other industries. As IT industry is becoming more and more important for China, to measure the contribution of IT industry to overall economic growth and evaluate the impact of IT industry will be an meaningful research topic, which will also help to better reallocate resources between IT industry and the other industries for healthy and sustainable economic development. Recently the IT industry is contributing significantly to and playing an active role in the national economics. However, the theoretical research and quantitative empirical analysis on its contribution measurement is seldom found in literature. Research on the direct and indirect contributions of IT industry is especially scarce. This dissertation proposes a structure of such contribution and conducts empirical analysis to measure the contributions to the Chinese economic growth. It suggests an proper and scientific framework for the government policy making and analysis for the further development of IT industry. Chapter 2 analyzes the impact of IT industry to economic growth. It shows that due to its high growth, spill-off effect and penetratability, IT industry shows high impact on the economic development. Chapter 3 reviews the IT industry contribution measurement methodologies, including some empirical results. It finds out that the methodology of measuring the IT industry contribution to economic growth is rare in the Chinese literatures. Meanwhile, most English literatures focus on the contribution of information technology to economic growth, and the measurement methodology is based on the growth accounting theory. Only a few literatures analyze the relationship between IT applications and economic growth. Chapter 4 describes the analytical model, the Feder model, in our research. Following the Feder model, we divide the overall economy into IT industry and non-IT industries, and consider firstly the direct contribution of IT industry to economic growth. Furthermore, we analyze the indirect contribution through looking into the improvement of the effectiveness of non-IT industries for its high penetratability and spill-off effect by the development of the IT industry. This method is consistent with the original Feder model, and is also shown suitable to quantitative measure the direct and indirect impact of IT industry on the economic growth. Chapter 5 gives the research processes and conclusions. We collect practical data needed and calculate the contribution of IT industry to China economic growth. The regression model shows that IT industry has become one of the most important growth factor in China, the overall economy has 1.477 unit of growth per each unit growth of the IT industry. This implies that in addition to the direct contribution of IT industry to the China economy, it has significant indirect contribution. The last chapter gives policy implications. We suggest China have more capital investment in the IT industry for its better growth and make more contribution to the overall GDP growth.
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