Author: 徐輝
Xu, Hui
Title: 中國出境旅遊業導遊與領隊服務質量對旅遊者影響的研究 : 以杭州出境旅遊市場泰港澳遊為例
Zhongguo chu jing lu you ye dao you yu ling dui fu wu zhi liang dui lu you zhe ying xiang de yan jiu : yi Hangzhou chu jing lu you shi chang Tai Gang Ao you wei li
Other Title: A study of Impact of Tour Guide and Tour Leader's Service Quality upon Tourists in China's Outbound Tourism - As Exemplified in Hangzhou's Market of Outbound Travel in Thailand, Hongkong & Macaw
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2003
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Tour guides (Persons) -- China
Tourism -- China -- Hangzhou
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: x, 102 p. ; 30 cm
Language: Chinese
Abstract: The research provides an overall analysis of the previous academic literature on service quality, based on which the Model of Impact on Outbound Tourists' Behavior is constituted. According to the model, the service of tour leaders and tour guides is believed to be the main factor having significant impact on outbound tourists. The attribute of tour leaders and tour guides' service will impact on tourists expectation and perception of the service received, creating an inevitable gap, which may directly determine outbound tourists' satisfaction. The degree of this satisfaction will have a lot to do with their reconsideration and recommendation of the outbound tour, namely, repeat guests and word of mouth. The purpose of the research is established on this model. The result of the research reveals that the outbound tourist's perception of the service provided by tour leaders and tour guides have failed to reach their expectation. Two factors are identified respectively among 14 service attributes of tour guide and tour leader. The major factors affecting tour guides' service quality are courtesy and reliability, work ability and assurance. The major factors affecting tour leaders' service quality are expression capacity and communicative skill, work responsibility. The regression analysis shows that the above-mentioned two factors are closely related with the possibility of their attending any future outbound tour and recommending their relations and friends to the tour. In consideration of the problems discovered from the research, this dissertation puts forward some suggestions to improve the service quality of outbound tour in our country: we should put an end to vicious competition like non- or negative-profit package tour, thus guaranteeing the proper interests of outbound tourists; The training and improvement of tour leaders should be stressed for long term manpower resource strategy; We should try to achieve a fine distribution of the service market and provide various individualized services, making the service product multifunctional; the local travel agencies of destinations should be more carefully chosen.
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