Author: Kwok, Lai-yi Clara
Title: An exploratory study on factors affecting parenting and the relationship between parenting practices and adolescent development in Hong Kong
Degree: M.A.
Year: 1997
Subject: Parenting -- China -- Hong Kong
Adolescent psychology -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Pages: xi, 125 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: This study is a two-level study, examining (1) the factors affecting parenting and (2) the relationship between parenting practices and various aspects of adolescent development. Two hundred matched pairs of F.2 / F.3 students and their parents participated in the study. After reviewing the literature, a conceptual framework of two levels was developed. In the first level, eight factors posited to affect parenting practices - supportive parenting and harsh discipline were examined. These factors included (1) parental education, (2) parents' emotion, (3) grandparents' parenting practices, (4) perceived impact of parenting, (5) parents' satisfaction with child, (6) parents' discipline beliefs, (7) financial strain of the family, and (8) parents' marital satisfaction. The second level of study looked into the relationship between parenting practices and adolescent development in (a) parent-child relationship, (b) social relationship, (c) self-esteem, (d) behavior problems, and (e) academic performance. Findings from path analysis showed that grandparents' supportive parenting, grandparents' harsh discipline, marital relationship, parents' emotion, and satisfaction with child were significant determinants of parents' supportive parenting and harsh discipline. For relationship between parenting practices and adolescent development, significant relationship was found between parenting practices and parent-child relationship, social relationship, self-esteem, as well as behavior problems. Consistent findings were found between the present study and other previous local and western studies. Intergenerational transmission of parenting effect(s) was noticed from the findings. Moreover, interactive influences of different subsystems (grandparents' subsystem, couple subsystem, parents' individual subsystem, and children subsystem) within family were also seen. Working with other subsystems in the family may help improving adolescent problems in various aspects. Besides, four types of parenting were also classified according to the two parenting dimensions. They are harsh discipline with less support (Type 1), harsh discipline with more support (Type 2), less supportive and less harsh (Type 3), and more supportive and less harsh (Type 4). Adolescents of Type 4 was found to perform best, followed by those of Type 2, Type 3 and Type 1 accordingly. Thus, the most desirable parenting type identified in the present study is the one with more supportive parenting and less harsh discipline.
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