Author: Au-Yeung, Yuet-king Betty
Title: Nurses' perception of organizational climate and psychological empowerment in a local acute hospital in Hong Kong
Year: 2001
Subject: Nurses -- China -- Hong Kong -- Psychology
Employee empowerment -- China -- Hong Kong
Organizational behavior -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Pages: 94, [33] leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: A study was carried out to explore qualified nurses' perceptions towards their working organizational climate and their feelings of psychological empowerment in a local acute public hospital in Hong Kong. Out of 658 questionnaires distributed, 331 of them had returned. The response rate was 50.3%. An exploratory factor analysis was performed to derive 6 common climate factors from the 10 scales of the modified Litwin & Stringer Organizational Climate Questionnaire that mostly could represent nurses' perception of organizational climate in this study. They were: leadership, working harmony, challenge, recognition, teamwork and decision making. On the whole, nurses tended to have positive perception of their working climate. There was a significant difference between frontline nurses, middle nurse managers and top nurse managers on the perceived organizational climate. Though, there was no significant difference of perceived climate between Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) members and non-CQI members, CQI members had significant higher positive perception of teamwork than non-CQI members. The data also indicated that there was a positive correlation between organizational climate with age, years of working experience and rank, but negatively correlated with qualification. The Psychological Empowerment Instrument was modified and adopted for measuring nurses' perception of psychological empowerment in this study. Nurses inclined to perceive their feelings of empowerment positively. There was a significant difference of perceived empowerment between the three groups of nurses: top nurse managers middle nurse managers and frontline nurses. Nurses at higher rank, age group, years of working experience and taking team leader role in CQI team had higher perception of their psychological empowerment. It was found significant that CQI members had higher sense of empowerment than non-CQI members. The difference was likely associated with their higher rank and CQI team leader role that enable them to exercise self-determination, and make influences on their department's working policies. There was a positive correlation between organizational climate and psychological empowerment. Using multiple regression analysis, all the 6 derived climate factors were significantly accounted for 44% of the variance. Of the 6 predictors, leadership and teamwork showed positive relationship with psychological empowerment. 218 suggestions from 98 respondents for the improvement of working climate that could further enhance their sense of empowerment were categorized into 8 topics: leadership, communication, working relationship, reward/recognition, organizational structure, training, teamwork, and stress management. Lastly, recommendations for enhancing organizational effectiveness through new management vision, empowered teams, and new kind of leadership in facilitating empowerment initiatives, and implications for further research were addressed.
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