Author: 張曉奕
Zhang, Xiaoyi
Title: 中国游客在出境游中对国内旅行社的满意度 : 以浙江省的游客和旅行社为例
Zhongguo you ke zai chu jing you zhong dui guo nei lu xing she de man yi du : yi Zhejiang Sheng de you ke he lu xing she wei li
Other Title: Assessing Chinese outbound tourists' satisfaction with travel agencies in Mainland China : take outbound tourists & travel agencies in Zhejiang Province as example
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Travel agents -- China -- Zhejiang Sheng
Consumer satisfaction -- China -- Zhejiang Sheng
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: ix, 106 leaves ; 30 cm
Language: Chinese
Abstract: The primary purpose of this study is to assess Chinese outbound tourists' satisfaction with travel agencies in Mainland China. The analysis is based on questionnaires which are after in depth interviews (from Chinese outbound tourists & travel agencies professionals), pilot testing & revision. The most important points of the analysis are: credit of travel agency, credit of tour guide, ability to resolve problems & the guarantee of purchasing goods' quality etc. The most satisfaction points of travel agencies are: tour guide able to manage the time, the condition of vehicle, sanitation of hotel & good communication in Mandarin etc. The issue of "optional items voluntary" was also identified as the worst aspect .Using the Importance-Performance Analysis(IPA) model. The results of IPA model illustrated that travel agencies performed well in 11 out of 29 attributes: credit of travel agency & ability to resolve problems etc (keep up the good work quadrant), while 5 out of 29 in concentrate here quadrant: credit of tour guide, the guarantee of purchasing goods' quality etc. In consideration of the problems discovered from the research. This dissertation delivered some suggestions to improve Chinese outbound tourists satisfaction with travel agencies in Mainland China: Combining all travel agencies to reject "zero-fare" and even negative-fare tours", improving the quality of employees, pushing "service charge(tips)"system (reasonable & feasible).Besides some suggestions for travel agencies, this dissertation also delivered some suggestions for tourists :paying more attention to quality & content than price, choosing those travel agencies which have good reputation & credit, trying to avoid peak season to go out.
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