Author: Chan, Shu-keung
Title: Hong Kong Government's Filipino domestic helpers policy : formulation and implementation
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1996
Subject: Labor policy -- China -- Hong Kong
Domestics -- China -- Hong Kong
Filipinos -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: viii, 89, [12] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The importation of foreign domestic helpers started in 1969. In the past twenty years, Hong Kong has seen tremendous economic, social and demographic changes. Due to economic growth and political stability for the past decades, the domestic helpers grew since 1971. In 1975, the Immigration Department drew up a standard two-year employment contract and formulated the primitive Foreign Domestic Helpers Policy. Once an applicant has fulfilled the conditions laid down in the contract and visa application formalities, the Immigration Department will issue a visa valid for initial stay of one year for employment only by the person whose name is endorsed on the contract. Domestic helpers represent 86.8% of the foreign labour force in Hong Kong. Majority of Foreign domestic helper or 84% come from the Philippines. It is believed that a good policy must identify objectives of the process and the factors affecting the processes. I consider that the political, social and economic factors will have significant impact on the formulation and implementation of Foreign Domestic Helpers Policy and it also interrelates with the relationship between the government, employer and domestic helpers. Therefore all these six factors will have their pros and cons affecting each other. If there is no change in the present policy, the number of foreign domestic helpers is likely to reach 170,500 by the end of December 1996. In view of this, the main purposes of the research are as follows : (i) To identify the problems caused by the growth in the number of Filipino domestic helpers. (ii) To identify some possible ways to improve the social and working conditions of Filipino domestic helpers. (iii) To evaluate and analyse the implementation, formulation and changes of Foreign Domestic Helpers Policy. A six stages methodology was adopted in the project. The six stages consist of : Stage 1 : Overview of the admission of Foreign Domestic Helpers Stage 2 : Literature and document review Stage 3 : Adaptation of theory, model and related issues. Stage 4 : Cases studies Stage 5 : Evaluation of the cases. Stage 6 : Recommendation and conclusion. A total of 80 cases were studied in this research, 15 typical and interesting cases were selected out for detail study. An overall evaluation was made at the end of the project. Based on the cases studies, the causes of problems on the Filipino domestic helpers will be identified. These problems also reflected the strength and weakness on the formulation and implementation of Foreign Domestic Helpers Policy. Recommendations and conclusions are made to further analyse the existing and future requirements on the Foreign Domestic helpers policy. What are the pull and push factors governing the Filipino domestic helpers to Hong Kong are identified and the parties receiving the benefits from the policy are also listed out. Finally, general conclusions are made based on the cases studies. Problems and issues are identified and addressed by way of making recommendations.
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