Author: Li, Ming-lun Alan
Title: A network production system in contract manufacturing for electronics manufacturing services
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Electronic industries -- Production standards
Just-in-time systems
Manufacturing resource planning
Business logistics
Department: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Pages: x, 122, 41, 2 p. : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Not too long ago, if you served the electronics industry as an EMS provider, an OEM or a company supplying materials and equipment, the living was easy. Catfish were jumping and the cotton was high. Whatever happened to summertime? Most of us have examined the culprits of overproduction, effects of 9/11, reaction to Japan's slow down, the innate cyclical nature of the industry, and perhaps the relocation of basic production to mainland China. We have heard all this before. What's more remarkable is how each company responds to the recession. In response to radical dynamic changes in the nature and degree of international competition, many companies have begun to embark upon equally radical new ways of manufacturing. These "new ways" have been given a bewildering array of labels: Lean Production (LP), Just-in-Time (JIT), the Integrated Factory, World Class Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Cell Manufacturing (CM) and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) - to name just a few of the most significant types of improvement. In this essay, a new manufacturing strategic called network production system is implemented to meet the characteristics of this poor economic environment -customer requests that finished goods be shipped in overseas warehouse under the just-in-time inventory system, both price and delivery are under pressure and this adds to both the financial burden and risks. After implementation, we can see that how a business can change the way of in-house manufacturing to make more competitive. The approach method of network production system is to make use of the concept of cell manufacturing as well as the concept of MRP and JIT to maintain a lean and mean overhead structure in face of the way of the very low gross profit margin of contract manufacturing. Through the cases study of implementing this network production system in a company, we try to analyze the performance of this method before and after implementing in an in-house supply chain to face for the challenge of wide variety of models in quick response for different customers.
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