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Department:School of Nursingen_US
Author:Ngai, Ka-yanen_US
Title:Construction & validation of the Working with Dysphagia Questionnaire (WDQ) : an investigation on dysphagia knowledge & feeding practices of direct care staff in residential settingsen_US
Abstract:Objectives of the Project Dysphagia can lead to serious life/ health consequences (e.g. aspiration and suffocation) in people with developmental and congenital disabilities if it is not properly managed. The lack of dysphagia knowledge of direct care staff can have negative consequences on residents' physical and psychological health. No study has seemed to have yet been done to investigate dysphagia knowledge and feeding practice of direct care staff in residential settings in Hong Kong. This study aims to construct and validate a questionnaire tool for examining dysphagia knowledge and feeding practice of direct care staff in 6 residential settings for severely physical handicapped persons. Method A self-completion questionnaire entitled 'Working with Dysphagia Questionnaire' (WDQ) of 10-items has been constructed and testified for validity on a sample of 101 direct care staff in residential settings. Results WDQ was validated and items were clustered into 3 constructs, 1) Knowledge of Environment, 2) Knowledge of Mealtime Behaviors, and 3) Practical Limitations. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient of the WDQ was 0.76. Occupation was found to be a significant work-related characteristic to affect respondents' total score (p<0.05). Comparison of scores in different constructs of the 2 occupation groups were discussed. Work experience and having trainings on feeding care delivered by speech therapist were other significant work-related characteristic affecting respondents scorings in the WDS (p<0.05). Discussion and clinical implications Assumptions of relationships between allied health professionalism and dysphagia knowledge should be made with cautions. Better understanding about dysphagia knowledge and feeding practices of direct care staff will help to identify staffs who are in need of training. WDQ, as a simple and fast screening tool, can be used to assess new direct care staff to measure their competency to handle feeding job tasks. It can be used as annual assessments to assess their need to have dysphagia educational program. Direct care staff working in residential settings should be given sufficient training to improve their dysphagia knowledge, thus reduce their practical limitations during mealtime and improving the quality of care to residents. Information collected from WDQ can provide direction for particular training areas. Tailored dysphagia educational program according to their scores and score pattern in different areas was suggested to increase specificity an effectiveness of training.en_US
Pages:vii, 80 leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cm.en_US
Degree:All Masteren_US
Subject:Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.en_US
Subject:Deglutition disorders -- Treatment.en_US
Subject:Deglutition disorders -- Patients -- Care.en_US
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