Author: Leung, Hon-wai
Title: Career development for shift maintenance engineers in the rolling stock depots organization of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation : a case study in overcoming career development problems for engineering staff on shift duty
Degree: M.B.A.
Year: 1994
Subject: Mass Transit Railway Corporation
Career development -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Engineers -- In-service training -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Management
Pages: ix, 111, 6 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Career Development involves one's whole life, and not just occupation. As such, it concerns the whole person, needs and wants, capacities and potentials, excitements and anxieties and blind spots, wants and all. (Wolfe and Knowb 1980). There are 11 nos of Shift Maintenance Engineers (SMEs) in the Rolling Stock Depots Organization in the Mass Transit Railway Corporation. They are greatest resources for the future depot management team and one of the most essential assets of the Depots Organization. Unique Railway experience and limited management exposure due to shift duties are the major motive forces for a structured approach on career development for the SMEs. This applied Research has acquired full support from the writer's immediate superior and it would be followed up by the Corporation to solve a real life practical problem. The Analytical Framework would be focused on a four level framework incorporating the environmental scanning and review on : The Society level; the Corporate level; the Sectional level and the Individual level, supplemented by Literature Review in the associated fields. It is the writer's belief that Career Development cannot be reviewed alone and so literature review on those concerned aspects with significant implications to career development including Learning Theories, Training & Development, Organizational Development and Organizational Culture have been incorporated. Research Methodology includes Questionnaire, Group Discussions, Consultation with Key Management, Development Centre Result and Performance Appraisal to facilitate the Research analysis. The Situation Analysis and the Research Findings as well as the Recommendations are presented in accordance with the selected Analysis Framework and in the Society, Corporate, Sectional and Individual level. Major recommendations include at the society level to make use of the increased capacity in the Continuous Education like the Open Learning Institute (OLI) and part time studies; at the Corporate level covers the corporate culture of learning organization, organization development, provisions of Training and Development resources, Red Circling, Staff Succession Planning, Corporate inhouse English Training and Special voluntary Early Retirement scheme; at Sectional level the Portfolio analysis of Human Assets, Planned Work Experience, Mentoring System, Clear Career Path, Career Development Framework, Communication & Information flow, Job rotation and Recruitment & promotion policies; at Individual level the Motivation of individual, acceptance of change, Management Learning Contract and Professional Knowledge & Experience development. For Career Development the Organization, the Management and the Employees all have their own responsibilities. An integrated approach with commitment from all parties concerned is one the critical success factors for the successful implementation of Career Development. The completion of this MBA research project is not the end of this research but rather the start. As said earlier, the recommendations come up would be followed up by the writer at work in conjunction with his immediate superior and the Career Development Manager of the Corporation.
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