Author: Lau, Pik-chun Carria
Title: The transformation of the global telecoms markets and its impact on the telecom market in Hong Kong; HongKong Telecom Ltd's strategies to sustain, maintain and grow its business
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1998
Subject: Hong Kong Telecommunications Limited
Telecommunication -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Department of Management
Pages: viii, 63, [24] leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Telecommunications markets in all countries used to be government controlled. After a few decades of development in the industry, telecom markets have been changing. Headed by the USA, telecoms markets are under the pressure of being deregulated or liberalized. Deregulation and liberalization invite competition which results in better services, higher quality at much lower costs. The evolution of global telecom markets has also affected Hong Kong and the only telecom operator of the territory. Hongkong Telecom once was the monopoly telecom operator running the local telephone services and the international traffic services (IDD). Liberalization of fixed line services in July 1995 and IDD in September 1998 has a great negative impact on the Company. Coupled with the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China, Hongkong Telecom has been put in an adverse situation to maintain a healthy growth of its business. The Company commenced to transform itself in the early 90's to prepare for facing the challenges. It has shifted its business emphases, reorganized the company structure, introduced new management style and system, developed a customer- and market-oriented culture to support the strategic change. HKT redesigned its strategies at all levels, the generic, corporate, business and operational strategies. It has adopted a 'growth' generic strategy, supported by a corporate strategy of protecting and growing business locally, developing new markets overseas. The business strategies are based on securing market shares and broadening revenue bases supported by operational strategies of consolidation and internal development of technical capabilities. Having got through so many years since 1991 when the Company's transformation started, at the time of writing, HKT has successfully sustained its leading position in the telecoms industry. Amongst other success factors of technology, expertise and established network infrastructure and geographic centre of the region, the most of all could be attributed to a capable and visionary top management team of the Company, who committed to change to adapt the change in the business context and the customers demand.
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