Author: Tam, Wai-mou
Title: Designing a quality framework for H.K. OEM toy company
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1997
Subject: Toy industry -- China -- Hong Kong
Toy industry -- China
Total quality management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: Nil
Language: English
Abstract: All Hong Kong Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) toy companies set up manufacturing operation in PRC China. These companies must design and implement a good quality framework to assure that their output meet customers' requirements in cost, quality and delivery. The purpose of this dissertation is to attempt to design such a framework for reference of these companies. The generic framework developed by Dr. B.G. Dale and Dr. R.J. Boaden is chosen for use. As the designed quality framework consist various quality management tools and techniques that the Hong Kong OEM toy company would utilize in its PRC China manufacturing operation, the dissertation starts with an overview of Dr. B.G. Dale and Dr. R.J. Boaden generic framework and various quality management tools and techniques that are commonly taught in universities and other tertiary educational institutions. A survey are designed and conducted to determine the familiarity level of practicing quality managers working in PRC China manufacturing operation on various quality management tools and techniques; the opinion of their priority of implementing these quality management tools and techniques; the opinion of the level of difficulty of implementation; and their opinion of the biggest barriers to implement quality management in a PRC China toy manufacturing operation. Follow-up interviews with some of the respondents are conducted to gather additional information and comments. A critical examination of these quality tools in terms of their fitness and suitability for application in PRC China manufacturing operation are presented from information gathered. Possible ways to reduce the difficulties of implementation of quality management tools and techniques are discussed. A two-tier quality management tools and techniques for the quality framework are proposed base on results of survey and critical examination. Implementation strategies of the quality framework are discussed. The dissertation ends with a section on limitations and further work of this dissertation.
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