Author: Chu, Kai-sin Raymond
Title: Travelers' beliefs of importance and perceptions of hotel attributes in the Hong Kong hotel industry : a multivariate approach
Degree: M.Phil.
Year: 1998
Subject: Hotels -- China -- Hong Kong
Hospitality industry -- China -- Hong Kong
Tourism -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: xv, 189 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: The Hong Kong hotel industry, which attempts to satisfy travelers' needs and wants, is regarded as highly competitive. To remain competitive, hoteliers have to understand: 1) how important hotel services and facilities are to travelers when they select hotels; and 2) how Hong Kong hotel services and facilities can satisfy travelers' needs. This study identifies the relative importance of hotel attributes to international travelers, and travelers' perceptions regarding the quality of these attributes in a hotel stay. A questionnaire in three languages (Chinese, English and Japanese) was developed to survey a target sample of 402 international travelers who departed from the Hong Kong International Airport in August 1996 (a nine-day period). Both descriptive and inferential statistics analyses were used in this study. For descriptive statistics analyses, mean ratings were used to rate the perceived importance of hotel attributes in hotel choice and hotel stay, respectively. Importance-Performance Analysis was used to categorize travelers' beliefs concerning the importance of hotel attributes in relation to hotel choice selection, and travelers' perceptions of the actual performance of hotels during their hotel stay. Inferential statistics analyses were adopted to identify the underlying dimensions of perceptions of hotel attributes (factor analysis), the differences in perceptions of hotel factors between business and leisure travelers, and between Asian and Western travelers (independent sample t-tests), and the determinant hotel factors that contributed to travelers' overall satisfaction level with their hotel stay and their likelihood of returning to a particular hotel on subsequent trips (multiple regression analysis). The overall results indicated that both the travelers' beliefs concerning the importance of, and their perceptions of, hotel attributes were related to 1). room qualities; 2). staff attitudes and behavior; and 3). convenience of hotel location. The Importance-Performance Analysis revealed that 20 of the 33 attributes (66%) fell into the 'Keep Up The Good Work' quadrant, suggesting that hotels in Hong Kong are doing a satisfactory job in the provision of services and facilities to travelers. Only one item, or hotel attribute, Q31 (hotel food & beverage value for money), fell in the 'Concentrate Here' Quadrant. The results suggest that hoteliers should pay attention to the pricing of the hotel food and beverages. The Factor Analysis identified seven dimensions, or hotel factors, relating to the perceived quality of services and facilities in the Hong Kong hotel industry. The seven dimensions (hotel factors) are: 1). Staff Service Quality; 2). Room Quality; 3). General Amenities; 4). Business Services; 5). Value; 6). Security; and 7). IDD Facilities. Using an Independent Sample t-Test, this study found that there existed significant differences, in relation to perceptions of hotel factors, between business and leisure travelers, and between Asian travelers and their Western counterparts. Based on the results of the Multiple Regression Analysis, the 'Staff Service Quality' factor appeared to be the most significant factor in influencing travelers' overall satisfaction levels and their likelihood of returning to hotels in Hong Kong. The results of this study indicate that hotel managers in Hong Kong should pay more attention to their customers' desires, enhance customer satisfaction and develop brand loyalty. Recommendations are also made for future studies, particularly those concerned with investigating the lodging choice needs of various types of travelers, and segmenting travelers' perceptions of services and facilities offered by hotels in different categories.
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