Author: Fu, Chi-sing Franco
Title: Dynamic system for construction project management
Degree: M.Phil.
Year: 1998
Subject: Construction industry -- Management
Construction industry -- China -- Hong Kong -- Management
Project management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Department of Building and Real Estate
Pages: x, [171] leaves : ill. ; 31 cm.\
Language: English
Abstract: This study considers 'dynamics' as a chain of variables, changes, uncertainties and risks. Various 'dynamics' permeate in the construction project management and affect the project management performance. A model of construction project management system (CPMS) is developed in this study to map the properties and interrelationships of the 'dynamics' influencing construction project management. The project management objectives, project resources and environment factors are considered as the major components of the system, and these components are interdependent and interactive with each other at different levels. The study identifies the major 'dynamics' influencing the CPMS together with its components, and analyzes their impacts on the implementation of project management. The study develops the framework of CPMS by examining the dynamic nature of the Hong Kong construction industry. It considers that population growth, land supply mechanism, housing policy, construction work force, availability of building materials and technology are the key 'dynamics' influencing the whole construction industry. At project management level, the major 'dynamics' are considered as change of scope, work method, programme, staff turnover, design, and contract terms. The impacts of these 'dynamics' on project management performance are studied through a survey to a group of main contractors in Hong Kong. The survey results indicate the strong awareness of the dynamic project management environment among construction professionals. Survey results show that the 'dynamics' exert a high degree of impact on project manager's decision making and hence the project progress. By presenting the dynamic environment and the impacts of 'dynamics' on decision makers, a dynamic systems approach to manage 'dynamics' is proposed for improving the decision making mechanism. The major significance of this study to the knowledge is that the researcher explores a distinct system thinking approach to construction project management with the introduction of the properties of 'dynamics' and its relevance to the system model. It provides a stepping stone to bridge the application gap between the construction project management and the principles of 'system dynamics'. This work includes seven chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the study background, research aim and objectives, and research methodology. Literature studies are conducted in chapter 2. Chapter 3 develops a dynamic systems model for construction project management system(DCPMS). The major dynamics to the DCPMS are identified and analyzed in chapter 4. Chapter 5 examines the dynamic characteristics of construction project management practice in Hong Kong construction industry with a focus on the relationship between the 'dynamics' at construction stages and decision making effectiveness. Chapter 6 evaluates the application areas of the dynamic systems approach developed in this study. Finally conclusions of the study are given in chapter 7.
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