Author: Wu, Guoyue
Title: Interruptible load management in deregulated power systems
Degree: Ph.D.
Year: 2009
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Electric power systems -- Management.
Electric power systems -- Load dispatching.
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering
Pages: xvi, 128 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: This thesis investigates interruptible load management (ILM) under deregulated market conditions, especially about the new market roles of interruptible loads as ancillary reserve suppliers and emergency control actions for security and stability improvement. A new reserve market operation procedure is first developed by considering interruptible loads and the optimal problem for Independent System Operator (ISO) to procure reserve service is then formulated. In this market, interruptible load customers compete with generators as reserve service suppliers by signing call option contracts with ISO. In order to maximize their benefits, the load customers can optimally dispatch their total load capacity in both the energy market and the reserve market. The optimal bidding strategy of load customers in the reserve market including bidding price and capacity is determined while taking their risks into account. Besides, the correlation analysis between the energy market and the reserve market for interruptible load customers is performed. It has confirmed that the introduction of interruptible loads as reserve suppliers can contribute to reduce the overall reserve cost. In the reserve market, only those very large scale load customers can participate because of the characteristic of reserve service and requirement of supplementary equipments such as open access same time information system. Along with the deepening of the power market reform, the minimum capability of interruptible load which is allowed to participate in the management will decrease. Since more and more load customers participate in ILM, it is difficult and complicated for ISO to organize all the load customers to bid. Instead of organizing all load customers to bid, ISO can offer a set of contracts for load customers to sign according to their own private information. However, it is very difficult for ISO to estimate the private information of the load customers such as interruption costs and to provide the customers rational compensation. Therefore, cost-effective demand management programs that do not need to estimate the private information of each load customer are necessary. And how to prevent the abuse of market power of load customers because of incomplete market information is another very challenging problem faced by ISO. Therefore, based on the concept of mechanism design with revelation principle, an interruptible load contract design is developed, by which the load customers are successfully stimulated to sign up for the contracts and reveal their true private information in order to receive maximum compensation fee. Besides, an equitable and effective control scheme is developed for ISO to shed the interruptible loads, according to the proposed contract design, as an alternative solution of generation rescheduling under some emergency market conditions when the generation rescheduling capability is insufficient or its price goes relatively high. Optimization problems with the objective of minimizing the total management costs for load curtailment and generation rescheduling are formulated with consideration of different security and stability limits such as transmission thermal limit, voltage stability limit and transient stability limit. The quadratic programming method is used to determine the optimal redispatch results. The effectiveness of the proposed method on the elimination of congestion and stability problems, and the alleviation of market power abuse by participants has been validated using numerical examples.
Rights: All rights reserved
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